Winter 2020


The NMU Employee Wellness Committee, in partnership with NMU Rec Sports, is launching a second round of the Wildcat Step Challenge for the second half of the Winter 2020 semester. Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you participated in the first round of the challenge or not. Listed below is a brief description of the challenge and how to register and participate.

Wildcat Step Challenge: Get up and get moving with the NMU Wildcat Step Challenge. This challenge will encourage you to get out and become more active as spring approaches. The goal is to reach 10,000 steps as many days each week as you can for 6 weeks. It is very easy to sign up and participate:

  1. Obtain a device that tracks your steps. Use your smartphone, smart watchan activity tracker app, or a simple pedometer
  2.  To sign up, fill out this Google Form by March 12th:  (If you have participated in the Wildcat Step Challenge in the past, you will still have to fill out this form.)
  3.  Start tracking your steps! You should begin tracking on Monday, March 16th
  4.  Participate in a Google Poll sent out each Monday that will ask “How many days this week did you reach 10,000 steps?” You will choose from 0-1 day, 2-3 days, 4-5 days, 6-7 days.
  5. Add a picture or screenshot of your step counts and upload it to the Google Poll. 
  6. Failure to respond to a weekly Google Poll by Tuesday each week will result in that week being excluded from your challenge data. 
  7. If you reach or exceed 10,000 steps at least 4 days per week for all 6 weeks, you will be entered in a drawing to win a prize. 

Commit to Fit Challenge: Get involved, make new friends, and be introduced group fitness classes at NMU. Your challenge is to attend 15 group fitness classes over a 10 week period. This is a great way to stay active this winter. Sign up and participation are easy, just follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure you have a valid Rec Sports membership and check out the Group Fitness offerings for Winter 2020.

  2. To sign up,  fill out this Google Form by January 15th:

  3. A punch card will be made to track your participation. Your cards will be kept at the PEIF info desk. (If you are an NMU student, an additional card will be kept for you at the Fit Zone desk).

  4. Before each fitness class, get your card punched by an info desk or FitZone staff member upon check in.

  5. If by March 28, 2020 you receive 15 punches on your card,  you will be entered in a drawing to win a prize. 

  6. Failure to get your card punched upon check in to a fitness class will result in no punch for that class.

"Lunch and Learn" Events

The NMU Employee Wellness Committee would like to invite you to join us for lunch hour presentations on various health topics during the Winter 2020 semester.  

Join fellow NMU Faculty and Staff for an hour long wellness lecture and discussion. Speakers will vary by month, with topics falling within the realm of the Wellness Wheel. A light lunch of either soup, salad and sandwiches will be served at no cost to the registrant. 

March 25, 2020. 12:00-1:00pm

2902 West Science 

Speaker: Dr. Lanae Joubert

Topic: Vitamin D

Dr. Lanae Joubert will be speaking on the topic of Vitamin D.  Participants will learn all about Vitamin D, the roles of vitamin D in the body, consequences of inadequacy, dietary sources of vitamin D, and how sun exposure and dietary supplements can help avoid inadequacies. A light lunch of hot soup and fresh rolls will be served free of charge. You must register to attend this event. For more information and to register visit


Questions? Email


Food Food


Active Workstation: NMU’s Employee Wellness Committee and Olson Library has launched an initiative to help employees avoid prolonged sitting while at their workstations. The Active Workstations program gives employees opportunities to increase movement and/or promote healthier positions while at their desks or work spaces.

Two sets of equipment are available for use. One set can be checked out at the Library’s Public Services Desk for up to two weeks, while the other set can be tried in the Library’s demonstration area. For more details, contact or stop by the Library's Public Service Desk. 

Some of the equipment require a release form to be filled out and signed before employees can use the equipment, because of the assumed risks of physical activity. Regular maintenance of the equipment will be performed between each checkout to ensure the safety of the employees.

Available equipment includes:

   • Adjustable height standing desk 
   • Fitdesk – exercise bike with desktop platform 
   • Adjustable height rolling laptop cart

Stationary BikeA VarideskStanding Desk

Desktop Stretching: Take several minutes out of your day to do some stretches at your desk. This will help you relax and de-stress, you do not even need to leave your chair. Click here, relax and enjoy!

Someone Stretching