Summer Programs

Northern Michigan University Upward Bound Math-Science offers a summer program that engrosses students in an unforgettable educational experience. Program participants will have fun learning about math and science through hands-on projects and bond with their classmates through group activities. They will also have the opportunity to take an educational trip at the end of their summer experience. Click on the links to the left to learn more about the summer program schedule and how to apply.


 Group Photo    People walking on the beach Group photo inside a forestGroup photo on top of a mountain3 people taking a photo in front of a waterfallImage of people playing on the beachimage of someone on a swingA dog playing

 A group photo  A group photo in a park A group photo in a park People sitting on a park table

People walking on a trail People dancing People sitting in front of an Alaska Pacific sign Image of a caribou

People walking on a beach Someone on their phone People walking on a trail near a river Image of an iceberg 

Group Members taking a photo Picture of the landscape, a road and a field 3 group members near a river on a branch Photo of people on a bench Image of bones

Image of sled dogs A baby mammal Image of a fish in a pond Image of animals in a field Group members tasting food Image of a waterfall into a lake A picture of a member sitting on a branch near a lake Image of a tree Image of an animal closeup Photo of two people and a dog Group members riding bikes

People sitting down Group photo with a lake and mountains in the background  Field of people sitting in NMU Superior Dome stands Image of a reptile in waterImage of people on a beach Image of water near a carved cave Students sitting at a desk Two people playing chess

People walking in a field A student sitting a desk Someone pretending to spill soap on someone People taking a photo underwater

A fish A donkey Students inside a dorm hallway Students inside their dorm Two students talking Image of someone walking in the woods Students looking at something in the woods Someone holding a fox People creating a circle by holding hands Students looking through a microscope Students on their laptops 3 palm trees 4 people posing for a picture Someone posing for a photo in front of the lake Image of Lambeau Field Atrium sign Image of a female People sitting at a desk Someone sitting on a couch and someone sitting on the floor Two students looking through a microscope A group photo of classmates Students walking near cars

Two students while one is holding a hose People sitting down in a park People playing pool

A professor teaching People sitting on a fence People sitting on a rock by the lake A seal on a table A turtle People singing

Someone taking a photo while scuba diving A group photo in the lake A photo of houses near a forest

A turtle hospital sign Wild Bird Sanctuary signPhoto of people inside a car

Fireworks above Disney world castle A monitor with the words "Welcome: UBMSNMU" Photo of yellow and black striped fish Fireworks