1850 Temperance Movement in the Saut

Lake Superior Journal 10-2-1850

Within the past week the temperance cause has received an impetus such as was never before given it in this community. Sylvester Larned, Esq. Of Detroit at the solicitation of the Sons of Temperance, commenced the good work, by giving to a few of our citizens, who had assembled for that purpose, a lecture on the subject. An interest was at once created in the glorious cause and three nights in succession he spoke, and most cloquently, to large audiences.

Mr. Larned is a lawyer by profession, and without making any pretentions as a lecturer, he is certainly a most eloquent and powerful advocate of the temperance reform. He was joined the last evening, by J. D. C. Emmons, Esq., of Detroit, in an exceedingly interesting address on the subject. These two young and talented lawyers never plead in a better cause, and their efforts, seconded by their friends of temperance, were crowned with great success, over 80 persons signing the pledge.

We hope the good work will no be suffered to stop here, and that the monster evil of intemperance, the greatest stain and reproach upon the fai name of the place, may be speedily and completely washed out, and no longer set the pure, crystal waters of Lake Superior be drugged with Log-wood and whiskey.