1850 Sons of Temperance

Sault Ste. Marie Oct. 8th, 1850

The following gentlemen were elected, and duly installed as officers of Algic Chippewa Division, No. 107 of the Sons of Temperance, on Monday, October 7th, for the ensuing quarter:

Abraham Daffayette, W.P.

Alex Richardson, W.A.

Dr. L Mott, R.S.

F. B. Madison, A.R.S.

Charles Fisher, F.S.

Daniel Parker, T.

Henry Ulrich, C.

J. Piquette, A.C.

George C. Godfrey, I.S.

Charles Worch, O.S.

For some time past the work of our Division has gone in harmony and with great prosperity. The determination of our devoted "Sons" has to a great degree overcome the obstacles which opposed us and we are confident of future success. Our number though not so large as some; I trust, is composed of men that know the importance of the obligation they are under, and knowing will do their duty like men.

The Division meets regularly every Monday, evening, and brethren who may be in our village from abroad will be sure to find a pleasant room and a cordial welcome.