1850 Semi-Monthly Mail To The Saut. In Winter

Lake Superior Journal August 28, 1850

A Petites for such mail has been circulated among our citizens will be sent forward the first opportunity to the Post Master General. Such an alteration in our winter mail arrangements has become absolutely necessary in order to forward to Mackinac and this place the large and increasing quantity of mailable matter. The mail carriers coming from Saginaw but once a month find it impossible often times to bring all the accumulated mail at that place; and we understand that a portion of last winter’s mail that should have reached here early in the winter, was not received, on that account, till the opening of navigation. It frequently happens that a part of the mail is laid over from one month to another, being an actual injury to Government, as it prevents much mailable matter being sent, and a great injury and annoyance to the citizens of this isolated region.

We have here a Garrison, a military post of considerable importance, and a village of a thousand inhabitants, and it is important that we should have a mail as often, at least, as twice as month. In a military point of view such a mail is ol’ considerable consequence. On the opposite side of our river is a British Military post and, although their mail is not a fourth as large as our own, yet our neighbors are favored with a semi-monthly mail in winter. This consideration alone, it might be supposed, would be sufficient to warrant our Government in establishing such a mail. We notice that a semi-monthly mail has been ordered to La Pointe, at the head of Lake Superior, where there is not a twentieth part of mailable matter that there is on this route.

We hope our neighbors of Mackinac, who are equally interested with our own citizens, will attend to this important matter at once and forward a Petition to the same effect. Such an improvement in our mail facilities is of so much importance both to the Government and the people of the section of country, that we believe it will be only necessary to state simply that facts set forth in our petitions in order to secure such an alteration in our mail arrangements for winter.