1850 Prospects of a Sault Ste. Marie Canal

Sault Ste. Marie Oct. 9th, 1850

The present prospect of having a canal around this portage, has delighted the people here. No place on all our extensive lake const will be more benefited by this measure than Detroit and Cleveland. To be well satisfied of this, a person must be present to see the immense supplies from places constantly unloading and reshipping here.

The old Ajax of Lake Superior, the Steamer Independence, took, day before yesterday, 200 barrel’s bulk, of all kinds of freight, for the mines above.

It is equal to a museum to pass over the docks as the unloading of a steamer from below. You see almost ever article that was ever on board ship.

We were standing on a long box in the midst of the last freight, examining the great variety of articles, when a noise proceeded from the box, which indicated a new species of goods going to Lake Superior, it was a box of live geese, who seemed fully determined their arrival should be known.

The amount of flour, port, hams, butter, cheese, dried apples, sugar, tea, and every article to sustain life, that passes this point every week exceeds belief. The demand next summer will be greatly increased, and must give encouragement to farmers below. We say to this noble class of men, speed the plow, the Upper Lake trade will ensure you a good market.