1850 Meeting Of The Sons Of Temperance

Lake Superior Journal 8-24-1850

The Division of the Sons of Temperance located in this place had a public meeting at their Hall, last Thursday evening, which was well intended, not only by the Sons, but by the citizens generally. There was a very appropriate address delivered by Rev. L. Smith Hobart, of Ann Arbor, and a few remarks by Rev. H. D. Kitchel, of Detroit. The Division, though small, are united, and steadily progressing; there is a field for much labor here, and it has been thought by many that is it almost surprising that a well-organized and well-regulated institution of the kind could be maintained here, where almost all of the business men are engaged in the vending of alcoholic drinks. It si a lamentable fact that almost all the suffering and misery in our country is caused by this hydra-headed monster. Not only do we feel the deplorable effects here, but it is felt to a greater or less extent, throughout the whole length and breadth of this our beautiful country. Almost every day, accidents occur which may be traced directly to this perfidious destroyer, and yet men little heed them. Half of the wretchedness and misery which afflicts the human race might be spared were men what they ought to be, and we hope that long the time may arrive when vice and immorality and intemperance will not so abound in our midst.