1850 Iron from Lake Superior

The Jackson Iron Co. at Carp River, shipped down by the Propeller Napoleon on her last trip about 40 tons of their iron, in blooms. This fine article of iron is to be taken to Pittsburgh for sale, and, in the very heart of Iron-dom, it will doubtless command the highest price. It has now been thoroughly tested in every manner of use, having been drawn into card-teeth wire, with perfect satisfaction, manufactured into a good article of steel, and sued with success wherever a fine article was necessary.

It was thoroughly tried, for heavy iron work, Messrs. Ward, and was pronounced superior to the best article hereto fore used. The Jackson Iron Co. are the pioneers in the manufacture of this iron, and they are now likely to receive a rich reward for their perseverance and investment. Now that the expense of manufacturing blooms and conducting the business has been ascertained, and its superiority over all other in the country, has been established, they mean greatly to enlarge their works and extend their business. They intend putting on a large force of men, and erecting new furnaces the present season, and we doubt not, will make large shipments of blooms before the close of navigation.

This location embraces a large portion of the Iron Mountain and contains a sufficient quantity to supply the whole country for centuries. It is piled up in irregular stratified masses, easily split or broken up with a crown-bar and Sledge-hammer; and one may break and throw together fifty tons of this ore in a day. To make bar iron from this ore is a cheap and simple process, and the day is not far distant, when the markets around the whole chain of lakes will be supplied with their best article from iron from the Iron Mountain of Lake Superior.

Source: Lake Superior Journal June 19, 1850.