1850 Canal Legislation

A bill has passed the Senate giving to the State of Michigan land to enable her to make a ship canal round the falls of Ste. Marie, so as to connect Lake Superior with the lakes below. This is indeed a grand project and will when completed be attended with beneficial results. Twenty years ago such a thing was dreamed of, but the conception was considered too mighty to be realized. Now the thing is undertaken, and we may live to see it accomplished. It is to be hoped it will be completed on a scale commensurate with the magnitude of the undertaking. Who os there that looks to what this country is destined to be ere a century rolls round, but must feel his heart swell with pride and exultation, and at the same time banish from his mind the bare idea that so glorious a country should ever be split up into petty factions, and that a Union that has worked so well for all, should ever be endangered through the madness of fanaticism or the corruption of demagogues. — Correspondence of the Harrisburg Dem. Union, Sept. 2.

Source: Lake Superior Journal September 25, 1850.