1847 Isle Royal Lake Superior

As this island is destined to become celebrated for its mineral riches, and also a place of great resort during the summer months, for health and pleasure, I will give you a brief description thereof.

There is land enough capable of cultivation for the support of a very large mining population — the best potatoes in the world are here raised, and all kinds of kitchen vegetables in great abundance — indeed, there is as much good land on the island as can be found in the same number of square miles in New Hampshire.

To the invalid this lovely spot is attractive on account of its pure cool, transparent waters — its invigorating, health-restoring climate; and its delicious fish. Those seeking a healthful relaxation from business, will come here to admire the wildest, most splendid, and most beautiful scenery in the world — to enjoy the manly sport of trout-fishing and hunting — to row and sail upon the crystal waters of the bays, among evergreen islands, and hunt for agates upon the pebbled beaches with "sweethearts, wives and children." And those desirees of increasing their worldly treasures will surely come, by reason of the inexhaustible mineral wealth deposited here. Correspondent for the Boston Courier.

Source: Lake Superior News & Mining Journal (Sault Ste,. Marie), September 18, 1847