Community Benefits


To Students:

  • Guest speakers
  • Field trips
  • Camps
  • Summer programs
  • Career fairs
  • Mentoring initiatives
  • College preparatory courses

To Healthcare professionals:

  • Accredited continuing education (CE) opportunities
  • Access to learning resources
  • Increased recruitment
  • Increased retention
  • Provide interdisciplinary experiences
  • Enhance the practice environment

To Communities:

  • Provide support and education to rural and frontier areas
  • Increased diversity of professionals
  • Address unmet healthcare needs
  • Alleviate workforce shortage
  • Improved health of population

To Educators:

  • Instructional tools, activities, and information
  • "In-the-box" curriculums
  • Classroom visits
  • Professional development/in-services
  • Displays
  • Participation in career fairs

medical students in a hospital



men and women health care professionals in uniforms



stethoscope circling the earth