Course Maps

2020 Course Information:

Below are the course maps from 2019 Hope Starts Here Challenge. However, you DO NOT have to follow our established courses.

Going virtual means where you run is entirely up to you! All we ask is that you complete your event anytime during the week of August 22-August 30.  

2019 Course Information

All events start and finish at Lakeview Arena (401 E. Fair Ave., Marquette)

Course Etiquette: All the running and biking events take place on paths and roads open to the public. As you encounter folks on course, please be courteous and share the path. The Duathlon course crosses railroad tracks twice. Make sure no train is approaching when you are crossing. Thanks for being courteous and safe!

Road Crossings: many of the road crossings will be guarded by members of the NMU Police Cadets. However, some crossings MAY BE UNMANNED, so use common sense and look both ways. Thanks for being safe.

Mile Markers: The mile markers ascend, so after 1 mile, you will see mile marker 1, after 6 miles you will see mile marker 6 and so on. There are 13 mile markers for the half marathon, 10 mile markers for the bike course, 10 km signs for the 10K and 5 km signs for the 5K. If you would like to sponsor a mile marker let us know or add one to your cart when registering (sponsors are encouraged to take their signs home after the event, we'll have them at Lakeview following the event). 

Start and finish of running races: We hope the routes are clear of snow, but they may have some grit/sand. All running races begin along the east of Lakeview, and finish by going SOUTH on the bike path along PINE st. and into the back of Lakeview arena. Finish is inside the arena.


Indvidual Race Maps

Half Marathon: The half marathon leaves from the side of Lakeview Arena. Racers cross Lakeshore Blvd and head SOUTH on the Lakeshore bike path. The course continues SOUTH on the bike path to the Carp River (the turnaround). The course then heads NORTH toward Lakeview Arena, but continues towards Presque Isle on the bike path. Runners will continue past the Dead River and around Presque Isle. The course then returns going SOUTH on the bike path towards Lakeview Arena. Runners turn right onto the bike path at the Pine St. triangle behind the dome. The course then heads SOUTH on the bike path along Pine St. to the back parking lot of Lakeview. The finish line is just inside the Olsen Arena. There will be abundant course personnel and signage.


5K and 10K: The duathlon 5K, and the 5K and 10K runs leave the side of Lakeview Arena, head toward the Lakeshore bike path and take a left heading NORTH toward Presque Isle Park. The 5K turnaround is near the Dead River bridge, there will be an aid station here. 5K racers head back toward Lakeview, while 10K races continue on toward and around Presque Isle. All 5K and 10K runners return running SOUTH toward Lakeview Arena. Runners turn right onto the bike path at the Pine St. triangle behind the dome. The course then heads SOUTH on the bike path along Pine St. to the back parking lot of Lakeview. The finish line is inside Lakeview Arena.


Duathalon Bike Course:  The transition zone for the bike portion of the duathlon is inside Lakeview. You must RUN your bike to the outside, NO BIKE RIDING in Lakeview. Bikers head out the door and turn left towards the Superior Dome. Bikers cross Pine St into Berry Event Center parking lot, and head NORTH. Bikers cross Wright St, Hawley St and head onto cinder path by power plant. The course heads into the woods, crossed under Co Rd 550 and into Tourist Park area. The course is along the Noquemanon. It does go down the sand pit hill and up Kirby’s. Returning to Lakeview, bikers be careful near the YMCA building and construction site (so as not to run over the returning runners). Shortly before the entrance to Olsen Arena, bikers MUST DISMOUNT and run their bikes back to the transition zone.


Leisure Walk Course: will head east toward Lake Superior after leaving Lakeview Arena, then walkers will stay along the lakeshore and head to Mattson Lower Harbor Park. Participants are welcome to turn around and return to Lakeview anytime you wish. The leisure walk will be primarily on the Marquette multi-use path. 


1 Mile Kid's Run: The kids' run is roughly 1 mile and will leave the Eastside of Lakeview Arena. It will head to Fair Ave., to Lake Shore Blvd and then heads north toward Presque Isle Park. The kids turn left at the triangle near the NMU practice fields and head south along the path next to Pine St. The finish is in the back of Lakeview Arena.