Windpower 2007

WindpowerNMU’s School of Technology and Applied Sciences instructors Deanna Pozega and Ryan Camps attended the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) Wind Power 2007 this summer—a trip sponsored by WE Energies in an effort to increase awareness of alternative energies in their service area through local educators. 

Instructor Pozega says, “The United States has recently become more motivated to decrease dependence on foreign oil and to minimize the use of fossil fuels for energy production. Many states in the U.S. have set goals to attain a certain percentage of ‘green energy’ over the next several years.” 

According to the AWEA’s Wind Power Outlook 2007, “Wind power is striding into national public view as the elegant icon of energy security and action to curb global warming, and for good reason. Clean, cost effective, inexhaustible, and readily available, wind power is an essential element of the solution to both climate change and America’s increasing demand for electricity.”

Pozega reports that “This year’s conference focused on what actions are required to make wind energy a significant part of the U.S. electricity portfolio. The education program addressed different ways that this might be achieved. Major issues and challenges were identified, and solutions were discussed regarding strategies for advancement of the wind energy industry.”

Instructors Pozega and Camps came away from this year’s conference with a multitude of information that will be incorporated into NMU’s curriculum. The experience is expected to further enhance the new alternative energies minor now offered at Northern.