The Value of Laddering

At The School of Technology and Applied Sciences, one of the most rewarding and unique options we offer students is our laddering opportunities.

What is laddering?

Many students enroll in college with the intention of finishing quickly, but decide later to continue their learning experience. Others aren’t sure where to start. For that reason, several of Northern’s Technology and Applied Sciences programs are designed to build upon each other.

For example, you could begin by earning a certificate in automotive service technology and finish (typically) within two semesters. If you decide to work toward an associate degree after that, the automotive service technology credits will apply toward the Automotive Service associate with no credit loss. If you want to study beyond that, you can apply the associate degree credits toward a baccalaureate degree in technology and applied science. 

The laddering of programs allows you to be qualified for employment quickly if you so choose, but to continue your education to the next level if that becomes your preferred option with no time is lost to the next degree level.

Also, while programs such as automotive service technology ladder into same or similar disciplines, others cross disciplines, allowing for flexibility should your interests change. (NOTE: Not all disciplines ladder into a cross discipline without credit loss, so meeting with your adviser is recommended when you are considering laddering into a cross discipline.)

To find out if your program has laddering opportunities, see your program description or contact us.