University Bulletin

Your program course outline and requirements can be found in the NMU’s online university bulletin.

According to the bulletin:

Students may follow the bulletin of their original matriculation to NMU or the one in effect at the time of graduation. However, students who do not complete their degree within seven years of their first matriculation at NMU must follow the current bulletin unless both the student’s major and minor departments grant an extension to follow the major and minor requirements of the original matriculation bulletin.

For ease of reference, the Technology and Occupational Science Department recommends that you print the curriculum that coincides with your year of matriculation (acceptance into a program). As stated above, the student must follow this curriculum, OR the curriculum as it is in the year of his/her graduation. All past year’s bulletins will be available on the current bulletin Web site, but you may find it easier to follow a printed copy of your year’s program.

See the bulletin for details on Northern’s and the Technology and Occupational Sciences Department's policies/procedures, course descriptions, financial/admissions information and other course and program-related information.