Program Area Advisory Committees

As stated in our mission:

The Technology and Occupational Sciences Department strives to provide high-quality, applied educational programs replete with real-world learning experiences that will produce graduates with an appreciation for continual learning, independent thinking, volunteerism and leadership in their respective global industries and communities.

The department believes a mission statement is only as good as the follow through. Therefore, in order to ensure that our students are enrolled in high-quality programs, our faculty and administration works closely with industry to review program curriculum on an annual basis.

By considering feedback from current employers throughout the area’s industries, we are able to make informed decisions about dropping and/or adding content to our programs as needed. As a result, our students receive the most up to date information, which will be invaluable as they enter the workforce. Furthermore, companies throughout the region and nation can feel confident that when they hire NMU graduates, they are hiring employees with a complete and current knowledge in their respective fields.

The following is a current list of members who serve on our advisory committees:

Aviation Advisory Committee

Keith Kaspari, KI Sawyer Airport
Rob Karasiewicz, Northern Michigan University
Bill Landry, Boreal Aviation
Mark Matteson, Northern Michigan University
Steven Rodgers, American Eagle
Dave VanDenburg, Northern Michigan University
Mark Welke, Northern Michigan University

Construction Management Advisory Committee

Hospitality Management Advisory Committee

Pat Black, Convention and Visitors Bureau
Leslie Cory, Northern Michigan University
Debra Orr, Orr Associates
Robin Holmes, Pioneer Inn
Chris Kibit, Northern Michigan University
Todd LaFave, F & B Director, Chip In's Casino & Resort
Yvonne Lee, Northern Michigan University
Nathan Mileski, Northern Michigan University (Senior Chef)
Deborah Pearce, Northern Michigan University
Dan Torres, Border Grill - Marquette

Industrial Maintenance/Welding Advisory Committee

Mike Hares, United Associations of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters
Mark Johnson, Airgas North Central
Paul Kitti, Marquette Board of Light and Power
Rick Knotek, Motion Industries
Daryl Kobie, Northern Michigan University
Paul Lang, Northern Michigan University
Sandy Meyskens, Marquette-Alger RESA
Carl Peterson, Northern Michigan University
Steve Severson, Pioneer Surgical Technology
John Sheppard, WE Energy-Presque Isle Power Plant
Greg Sides, United Associations of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters
Mark Smith, WE Energy-Presque Isle Power Plant
Tom St. John, Marquette Board of Light and Power
Mike Thibault, UP Building Trades
Gwen Timmons, Northern Michigan University
Robert Veale, Cleveland Cliffs-Tilden Mining Company