Opening Night at Chez Nous

On Nov. 3, hospitality management students took on a Spanish-style menu for the grand opening of Chez Nous. The prix-fixe menu, which was put together by HM students, consisted of a five-course meal "composed with the vegetarian in mind." The diners chose their entrée between Pasta with Three Goat Cheese and Spanish Chicken and Capsicum Casserole. The other elements of the meal were designed to complement the subtle flavors of both dishes.

As part of a new push to go "Locovore," many of the ingredients for the evening's dishes were purchased locally. In addition, most of the herbs and spices used were taken from the Jacobetti Complex's herb garden.

"We're moving towards Locovore menus because it helps guarantee freshness," said Chef Yvonne Lee, who oversaw the evening. "Also, economically it makes more sense. The product spends less time on a truck, and passes through fewer hands."

30 guests attended the opening. "The food is wonderful," said one diner, "and for the amount of food you get, the price is fantastic. I'll definitely be coming back."

"The pre-set price of the meal makes Chez Nous a great option for a date night," said Lee. "You can get the menus online, and have a price in mind when you're planning your evening."

Overall, said Lee, the HM students did very well. Many of the students had never worked on the dining room floor before, and several others had not worked the back line in the kitchen. According to Lee, "everybody did a great job."

More information on Chez Nous, including hours and upcoming themes, can be found here.