Job Outlook

"We met with several industry representatives who indicated they would hire every program graduate. They said our curriculum is spot-on and our students will be highly employable with varied skill sets integral and applicable to all indoor growing scenarios."

Upon completion of the Indoor Agriculture Associate’s degree, students will be able to:

  • Apply indoor agriculture growing techniques to various forms of horticulture
  • Understand background principles of plant chemistry and plant physiology
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of basic mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to support indoor agriculture requirements
  • Understand food system networks, distribution, and associated societal impacts

Enjoy a great career with this degree in a variety of job options including facility technician and maintenance, plant researcher, business manager or owner.

$59,000 Median Salary
9% Job Growth Nationwide

Or use your credits to ladder into a bachelor's degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry, Botany, or Business.