HVACR Field Trip

Students writing in notebooksThe department of technology and occupational sciences is known for preparing students for industry careers through a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience. Several machines, labs and simulations are available in the Jacobetti Complex, and when necessary, NMU students head out into Marquette and surrounding area businesses to receive the necessary education to best equip them for the working world. 

On September 11, Instructor Nicholas Griewahn took his Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) students to SuperOne Foods, Econo Foods and the Marquette Food Co-op to look at supermarket refrigeration systems.

The field trip allowed students to gain first-hand experience and observe up close the machines they’ve read about and discussed at length in lecture. They were shown the multiplex parallel rack systems at Econo and SuperOne and the individual split systems at the Food Co-op.

Instructor Griewahn reported that, “Students learned the importance of maintaining these systems and the application of each type. Many accessories are used, and they could point out and describe the function of each.”

At each supermarket, students were required to complete a brief lab assignment, identifying unique characteristics of each store’s equipment. Griewahn said, “We had a distinct advantage over simply discussing these units in lecture because you must actually see these systems in operation to really explore how they work.”

Although the Jacobetti Complex has a large room full of equipment for HVACR students to explore, Instructor Griewahn found it most beneficial for his class to get out into the community to see the systems operating in a real-world setting in order to best prepare them for their futures.