HVACR Fall 2008 Field Trip

In order to best equip their students for the working world, instructors HVACNicholas Griewahn and Bob Holtzmann led their Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) students through SuperOne Foods, Econo Foods and the Marquette Food Co-op to look at supermarket refrigeration systems.

This type of field trip “allows students to ask several questions about piping and valve components. It gives them the opportunity to observe a real-world system that is beyond the scope of the equipment NMU currently has,” says Griewahn.

Although the Jacobetti Complex has a large room full of equipment for HVACR students to explore, Griewahn finds it most beneficial for his class to get out into the community to see the systems operating in an off-campus setting.

He notes, “This is an important factor in HVACR training because it shows them how an actual store is laid out and managed. It establishes solid connections with lecture material.”

He adds that “it’s also a good opportunity for them to gain experience in the specific systems they may someday be servicing and to establish connections with the customers they will work with upon employment.”

The HV-271 class (ACR systems II) has the opportunity to view “modern computer control systems and heat recovery systems, which are absolutely essential for HVACR students and employees, considering today’s high-tech and energy-conscious society.”

Each fall, Griewahn and Holtzmann take students on field trips of this kind in order to supplement the material covered in class and best prepare them for their future careers.