Heroes at Home

'Heroes at Home'

In acknowledgement of the sacrifices made by military troops, Sears Holding and Rebuilding Together have partnered to create Heroes at Home, a project designed to provide aide to “military families facing hardship … who do not have the financial or physical resources to complete home repairs or other necessary improvements.” 

People constructing blue houseConstruction companies nationwide have offered services to those in need in conjunction with this project, and this semester, the NMU constructors (NMC: a student organization comprised of students in construction-based programs) were involved. 

NMU construction management alum Mark Bonovetz, currently employed by Howard-Immel Construction in Green Bay, Wisc., contacted the constructors, requesting additional workers for a home-improvement project scheduled in Escanaba, Mich. in November, and 10 constructors were able to volunteer a combined 87 hours of labor to the family in need. 

“We arrived in Escanaba at 9:00 a.m., and some of us stayed until 6:30,” said Jeremy Bubb of the NMC. “Throughout the day we were involved in siding removal, window removal and installation, including miscellaneous framing. Members also gained experience with safe scaffolding use while reframing portions of the house’s front wall.” 

Additionally, the NMC volunteers installed exterior insulation around the perimeter of the house, as well as a false floor containing an in-floor heating system. 

House being constructed“It was a great day for all,” said Bubb. “All of the non-NMC volunteers were, in my opinion, very impressed with our knowledge, work ethic, how we carried ourselves throughout the day and especially our proactive approach to safety.”

NMC’s active involvement with several similar community projects allows students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while providing much-needed services not only to Marquette and the surrounding region, but on a national level as well. The commendable work that these student volunteers take part in exemplifies the many student-based efforts that make Northern Michigan University’s School of Technology and Applied Sciences an exceptional and rewarding place to study.

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