EAA Young Eagles Take Flight

A single-engine prop plane.A presentation on flight was given at the Jacobetti center on Sept. 9 by the Experimental Aircraft Association to raise interest in aviation and the EAA’s Young Eagles program. After a brief introduction, local EAA chapter President Greg Durand stated, “We’re here today to hopefully create a passion [for aviation] in all of you.”

Throughout the evening 18 youths from the local community asked and answered questions during presentations on aerodynamics, flight instruments and controls, and mapping and navigation.

On Sept. 12, the EAA air academy gave free rides in privately owned airplanes to 13 of the attendees at the Sawyer International Airport, as part of the EAA Young Eagles program. The flights were originally scheduled for Sept. 11, but were rescheduled due to inclement weather.

This is the third year that the EAA has presented at NMU. Durand says that bringing the EAA air academy presentations to NMU has taken the program from “a one-day talk, where we give the kids a free ride in a plane, to a class act. It gives them a chance to process information, and magnifies the effect of what we’re trying to do.” Having the presentations at the college also allows for hands-on learning, says Durand. “We can show the kids the planes in the hangar. They can go and see in real life what they’ve just seen on a projector screen.”

The local EAA chapter is chapter 850, based in Gwinn, Mich. Learn more about the EAA here.