Another Student Collaboration

In order to best understand duct work, plumbing, in-floor heating loops and more, it is beneficial for HVACR students to have a standing structure in their lab in which they can assemble and maintain heating and cooling systems as they will once they enter the workforce. 

“Construction management students first built the structure in another location, disassembled the structure, and then reassembled the structure—all during a blizzard,” said Instructor Robert Holtzmann. “It really only took them a few hours total.”

Currently, the structure resembles the framework of a small house. When it is complete, the structure will be divided into three sections. 

“The first section will be finished, the second will have cutaways (semi-finished), and the third will be unfinished. Students will be able to understand the various stages of these systems within a home. They’ll have the advantage of seeing what’s behind the wall and under the floor—how everything’s connected,” said Instructor Nicholas Griewahn. 

Additionally, this type of a structure and collaboration may prove to be useful for students interested in laddering from the HVACR program into the construction management program. Not only will students have the opportunity to repair systems in a realistic environment, they will be able to see such systems in all phases of construction, which may be an extra incentive for those students interested in the construction aspects of HVACR. 

“Overall, this has been a fantastic collaboration between construction management and HVACR students,” said Griewahn.