Michelle Bommarito Takes the Cake

From Sept. 19th to Sept. 21st, celebrity chef Michelle Bommarito visited Northern Michigan University. Bommarito, a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, covered a large area of culinary ground during her visit to NMU, delivering high-energy presentations on topics as varied as how to use fondant—a type of frosting used to decorate pastries—and other confectionery decorations to make "antique book cakes," to giving two talks on healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle.Celebrity Chef Michelle Bommarito.

Bommarito and her painstakingly-crafted "antique book cakes" have appeared on the Food Network's program Sugar Rush, hosted by Warren Brown. The presentation Bommarito gave on antique book cakes, which was attended by community members as well as NMU students, explored the art of sculpting the cake to resemble a book, developing rich colors and textures in the decorations, and using rolled fondant for everything from decorative accents to adding writing to the "cover."

Bommarito has worked as an assistant pastry chef at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, been a personal chef for professional athlete Michael Jordan, and competed in numerous cake competitions aired on the Food Network. "We're glad we were able to get her to campus, finally," says Chris Kibbit. "This visit has been five years in the making."

Michelle Bommarito on a screen.Since 2009, Bommarito has given talks on healthy eating habits as well as the relation between healthy eating, the body, and the mind. The two presentations she gave here in Marquette on the subject were energetic and engaging, according to Professor Shirley Brozzo. "Bommarito took plenty of time to shake hands with audience members and involve them in the discussion," says Brozzo. "We'd love to bring her back for an encore performance!".

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