Benches for Marquette

In another collaborative effort, the department of technology and occupational sciences’ welding fabrication class has been working with area high school students to design, weld and assemble benches for the downtown development authority.  

After winning a design contest earlier this year, NMU students were chosen to create six benches (with the possibility of more in the future), which will be placed in various areas throughout the city. 

According to Professor Tom Meravi, “as a result of the contest and collaborative effort, it has been possible to introduce high school students to the concepts of lean manufacturing through welding.” 

“The welding class made up the fixtures, and the high school students are doing the welding, as well as the material feeding racks, which were assembled, out of Creform, by the high school students,” Meravi says. “The collaboration is what’s most important.”

This most recent collaborative effort certainly benefits the city of Marquette. In addition, NMU’s School of Technology and Applied Sciences is providing secondary and post-secondary-level students with the necessary hands-on experience they are known for, in order to further students’ knowledge in a trade, as well as to help them make decisions about future career goals.