The tobacco-free policy is meant to support a healthy NMU community, not punish those who use tobacco. It’s important to have patience as people adjust to the transition. Assume that a person using tobacco on NMU’s campus is unaware of the tobacco-free policy. If you see a person using a tobacco product on campus, respectfully inform the person of the tobacco-free policy. You may direct them to this website for more information. If someone repeatedly violates the policy the following is disciplinary guideline:

Discipline of employees will be determined based on any applicable union agreement, the personnel policy manual and tobacco-free policy. If an employee is reported to his/her supervisor for violating the ban, the supervisor will first meet with the employee and conduct a corrective discussion. A second report will result in a documented verbal warning, submitted to the employee’s personnel file. Any third report will result in a written warning, clarifying the expectations under the policy and the potential consequences of future violations. Subsequent instances of policy violations will be subject to additional disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Discipline of students will go through the Student Code. If a student is reported to the Dean of Students Office, the student will need to talk to a Dean of Students staff member about the policy.  A second violation results in a warning and is noted on a student's record. The third violation will result in conduct charges. Every subsequent violation will result in charges. If the violations continue, the student could be suspended from the university for one year.

Visitors who violate the policy will be informed of the policy and asked to discontinue their tobacco-related activities. Those who do not do so will be asked to leave the Northern Michigan University campus.