Forest Roberts Theatre Code Of Ethics

Part of the great tradition of the theatre is a code of ethics which belongs to all who work on the legitimate stage. This Forest Roberts Theatre Code reflects an attitude toward craftsmanship, respect, and dedication. It outlines a self-discipline which increases personal self-esteem and dignity through collaboration toward a common purpose. All those who participate in Forest Roberts Theatre activities are expected and required to adhere to this Code of Ethics:

  • The show must go on! I will never miss a rehearsal or a performance.
  • I will play every rehearsal and performance to the best of my ability, regardless of how small my role or large my personal problems.
  • I will respect my audience regardless of size or station.
  • I will never miss an entrance or cause a curtain to be late by my failure to be ready.
  • I will forego all social activities which interfere with rehearsals and will always be on time.
  • I will l never leave the theatre building or stage area until until I have been dismissed.
  • I will remember that my aim is to create illusion, therefore, I will not destroy that illusion by appearing in costume and make-up off stage or outside of the theatre.
  • I will not allow the comments of others to change any phase of my work without proper authorization.
  • I will not alter lines, business, lights, sound (mics), properties, settings, costumes or any phase of the production without consulting the proper chain of command.
  • I will accept the director's advice in the spirit in which it is given for he/she sees the production as a whole and my role as a portion thereof.
  • I will look upon the production as a collective effort demanding my utmost cooperation.
  • I will be patient and avoid temperamental outbursts for they create tension and serve no useful purpose.
  • I will accept artistic responsibility and shall never blame my co-workers for my own failure.
  • I will never engage in caustic criticism of another artist's or colleague's work.
  • I will accept both public praise and constructive criticism graciously.
  • I will respect the set, stage properties, and costumes.
  • I will abide by the General Rehearsal and Performance Rules.
  • I will abide by the University Rules and Regulations.
  • I will never lose my enthusiasm for the theatre because of disappointment or failure for they are the lessons by which I learn.
  • I will follow Stanislavski's admonition to "love the art in yourself, not yourself in art!"