NMU Hoop House

NMU Hoop House

About Us

The Northern Michigan University hoop house serves as a collaborative learning center for eaters of all ages who are curious about where food comes from and how it it grown. Through research and education on sustainable agriculture, the project aims to expand our local food system, increase food security and provide increased access to fresh, healthy food.

The project aims to help current farmers, potential farmers and the greater community learn more about sustainable agriculture practices and using hoop houses to extend the growing season in a northern climate.

Seeds are started in the greenhouse until it is warm enough to transplant them into the hoop house. Harvests from the hoop house are used by the culinary program at NMU and donated to local food banks. When possible, seeds are collected and saved for the next planting, and waste materials are composted to create organic fertilizer.


To promote the full cycle of producing sustainable and locally grown food through educational and research opportunities for students, faculty and staff at Northern Michigan University and the greater Marquette Community.

The Hoop House is available to every gardener, community member and student regardless of experience.

Come Grow With Us

The hoop house is available to any individual who wants to experiment and learn. Interested in a directed study? Interested in soils and native plants? Have some landscape art you want to display? There are endless opportunities at the NMU hoop house!