Majors & Minors

NMU offers a variety of academic programs that include elements of environmental education as part of the core curriculum. Ranging across five different departments, there are twelve offered majors and thirteen offered minors. These programs, categorized by department, include:



    Biology Major (concentrations in botany, ecology, general biology, microbiology, physiology, and zoology)

    Biology Minor

    Fish & Wildlife Management Major

    Secondary Education Biology Major

    Secondary Education Biology Minor

Criminal Justice & Loss Prevention Management

    Wildlife Conservation Law & Policing Minor

Earth, Environmental & Geographical Sciences

    Earth Science Major

    Earth Science Minor

    Earth, Environmental & Geographical Sciences Cluster Minor

    Environmental Science Major

    Environmental Studies & Sustainability Major

    Secondary Education Earth Science Major

    Secondary Education Earth Science Minor

    Secondary Education Geography Major

    Secondary Education Geography Minor

    Sustainability Minor

Education, Leadership & Public Service

    Elementary Education Integrated Science Major

    Elementary Education Integrated Science Minor

Health and Human Performance

    Interpretation & Outdoor Education Minor

    Outdoor Leadership Minor

    Outdoor Recreation Minor

    Outdoor Recreation & Leadership Management Major

    Outdoor Recreation & Leadership Management Cluster Minor

Individually Created Programs (ICP)

    Integrated Science Major

        Minors: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics