Turn Down the Lights picture

How it works:  Every Tuesday throughout the month of October 2018, two pre-selected buildings will make conscious efforts to lower their energy consumption. For the competing areas that day, the monitoring will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday and close 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. The campaign asks students and faculty to minimize excessive energy use in classrooms, offices, and multipurpose rooms. The Facilities Department will assist by monitoring the energy consumption. The decreased consumption data will be displayed in percentage form on a poster in Jamrich for all students and faculty to see.

How progress is judged: The Facilities Department will provide data from the day of competition and the consumption from the week prior, to NMU’s EcoReps. This cohort of students will illustrate the decrease of kilowatt hours by converting them to percentage, which will be displayed in a visual model as leaves on a tracking poster in Jamrich. The progress updates will be displayed by Friday of the same week.  

How you can participate: EcoReps encourages everyone to participate in this campaign by visiting information tables and learning about energy consumption. Students and faculty can make a conscious effort to unplug unnecessary devices, turn off lights, and utilize natural lighting.

Get ready to turn those lights down and save energy! Check out your building's date below:  

  • 10/2: Jamrich & LRC

  • 10/9: West & New Science

  • 10/16: FRT, TFA, McClintock & Art and Design

  • 10/23: Cohodas & Hedgcock

  • 10/30: PEIF & Dome

If you have any questions, please stop by the interest table in Jamrich every Tuesday in October or email