Alisha Arnsparger

“I feel as though these four edges have added so much to my college experience, my personal growth, and real world education.  Having the opportunity to participate in so much has been so enriching, in so many different ways.  Each edge has taught me far more than just about volunteerism but about what it means to be an active and engaged citizen in any community setting.”

~Alisha Arnsparger
Superior Edge 

Kaitlynn Brow with a child

“This program has also enabled me to develop confidence and self-esteem in areas of my schooling and life that I would not have had the direct opportunity to develop.  This was specifically developed through the Leadership Edge.  Without this edge, I would have been less aggressive in finding opportunities to lead among my peers.  As a normally timid individual, leading is out of my comfort zone.  However, now I have confidence to stand up and let myself be hard in order to lead those around me.

...This program is incredible and a huge help in building resumes and applications.  I am excited to have completed it and would recommend it to all students enrolling at NMU.”

~Kaitlynn Brow
Superior Edge

Carly Moore

“What I learned about being an engaged, involved citizen is that you have to be willing to try any and all activities.  You also have to put yourself out there, pushing out of your comfort zone.  I learned about myself that I love to see the smiling faces of the community coming together.  …I grew because I put myself out there to be part of the community.  I got to meet new people while also helping those people.  This growth will help me in the long run with future plans because it helped me with getting involved in a new city that I was nervous to be in.  I know that no matter where I move I will have the guts to get to know the community and the people.”

~Carly Moore
Citizenship Edge

Lauren Somogyi“Be open to going to new events.  You never know what you’re going to learn until you go to them.”

~Lauren Somogyi
Diversity Edge

Rosemary Magidsohn"My suggestion for students starting Superior Edge is to log those hours!  Don’t put it off, start logging right away because all it takes is to get the ball rolling and once you’ve done that, you’re golden.  The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel at the end makes all of the logging worth it.  Don’t be afraid to make commitments to organizations and opportunities.  You learn something new from each task you take on and even more about yourself.”

~Rosemary Magidsohn
Superior Edge

Kayleigh Ash“Superior Edge truly made me feel like I was part of the community at NMU.  As an incoming freshman, I knew I wanted to do everything I could to be involved in the community and on campus, and Superior Edge helped me accomplish that.

My suggestions for students just starting Superior Edge is to get involved as soon as possible.  You won’t regret the time and effort you put into completing each edge because it will help you grow as a person and make an impact on many people.  Don’t’ be discouraged by the amount of hours that each edge requires because there are many activities and opportunities that can be counted and go towards completion of each edge.  Don’t be afraid to ask about different opportunities that are available either.  My advice is to have fun with each activity and enjoy the journey that Superior Edge has to offer.”

~Kayleigh Ash
Superior Edge

Kathleen Biddle“I would not change a thing about this experience, but I would offer up advice: get involved in campus events! Go to lecture series, join an organization of interest, get involved in student government, and look to community arts and music events to get to know the city. By becoming engaged in this time of college, you are developing skills that will help you develop professional habits sought after by employers and to help become a valuable community member.”

~Kathleen Biddle
Citizenship Edge

Alexander Perry“I never thought I would be able to finish this edge, but the opportunities this school provides not only for education but knowledge into the world around us is phenomenal. In my four years of experiences here at Northern, I have gained so much about experiences and opportunities that I never would have gotten anywhere else.”

~Alexander Perry
Diversity Edge

Jeremiah Harrington“My personal expectations were met through the completion of the Leadership Edge. I’ve become a lot more outspoken and I’ve noticed a difference in the way I hold people’s attention. My experiences meeting new people and having responsibilities have all turned me into better communicating professional.

…The growth I experienced through my progression of this edge has helped me to become more confident. This is something that friends and family have noticed when I’ve visited recently. I am happy with the results and it’s easier for me to foresee a professional role in my field. I also feel much more prepared for my eventual step into graduate school.”

~Jeremiah Harrington
Leadership Edge

Stephanie LeClaire“This whole experience has been life changing and has made such a strong impact on myself.  I have learned that my experience in the real world setting beats sitting in a boring lecture hall any day.  You can only learn so much from books, the real learning takes place when you actually do.  I wish all of my years in college could have been ‘real world’ experience.”

~Stephanie LeClaire
Real World Edge

Michael Head“If a student were to walk up and ask me about Superior Edge, I would have a few pointers to give them:

• Start the program as early as you can in your college career
• Take some Academic Service Learning courses
• Log your hours regularly
• Take good notes when you log your hours, it helps a lot when you go to write your final reflection papers
• Meet and network with as many people as you can and you will have your edges complete in no time.”

~Michael Head
Superior Edge

Sally Osentoski“I will continue to volunteer to help others and also stay informed as a citizen. I am thankful we have this opportunity at Northern. This edge really helped me find myself for the future. I was lost, and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life until I started working on my civic engagement projects. It showed me how interested I am in the political system and how I can help others through it, and it guided me to the program I am currently in.”

~Sally Osentoski
Citizenship Edge

Allison Carlton“Truthfully, I believe that my apparent failure at this edge taught me more than any success could. ….I also had the idea that to complete the ‘real world’ I had to have an experience that was solely positive, only enhancing my beliefs that that is how I wanted to spend my life. Looking back on it, however, I realize how positive my ‘real world’ edge experience truly was. Without having the opportunity to complete this edge through traveling to Europe, I never would have realized that I no longer wished to be a French minor. …In closing, the greatest thing that has come out of my ‘real world’ edge experience is that it allowed me to truly realize what fit and what did not. If I could not have that experience, I never would have realized my shortcomings, and attempt to find a better fit elsewhere.”

~Allison Carlton
Real World Edge

Brendan Franklin“Superior Edge is a program that I knew I wanted to be a part of the minute I stepped on Northern Michigan University’s campus.  …I knew it was my job to stay committed to being a leader on campus and give back to the university/city communities.

…I knew I had some pretty strong leadership skills when I came to NMU, but I am absolutely amazed on how many more opportunities I have received through NMU to not only ‘lead’ others, but get involved in such a huge variety of student organizations and campus events.  I think I have bettered my leadership abilities through my work in student organizations, but I have also learned about so many different leadership styles by working with ‘teams’ of leaders whether it be in the Student Nurses Association, Students Volunteer Abroad, or the Student Leader Fellowship Program.

I believe that everything I did in Superior Edge has left some sort of mark on my life.  I frequently find myself reminiscing about different activities that I took part in.  I think this is a distinct advantage when I am being interviewed, etc., for a future career.  I have so much to talk about and I can thank the edges in the program for this advantage.

I must say that much of my passion for NMU has come from my involvement.  Without being as involved as I have been, I do not believe I would have had even near the same experience.”

~Brendan Franklin
Superior Edge

Kristin Denryter“When I’m in interviews and asked about my experiences, I can talk at length and I think really impress my interviews because I have done so much in so little time.  Doing the reflection papers and logging the hours prepared me for a lot of interviews because I’ve already thought deeply about what I’ve accomplished and how it sets me apart from other applicants.

...The most important thing I could say to an incoming student is to get involved in as many different activities in Superior Edge as possible.  Meet as many people as you can.  Challenge yourself.  Push your own limits.  Do all four edges.  Make the most of your time at NMU through Superior Edge.  Last, cater your activities to your career because that will be the way to make important connections and learn crucial skills to help you in life beyond NMU.”

~Kristin Denryter
Superior Edge