Real World Edge Opportunities

For the Real World Edge, you will need 100 hours that may include a combination of service learning, research experiences, work experience, internships, or professional activities related to your major and/or minor.  You can get a maximum of 5 hours for general professional development workshops like the Cat Career Conference, resume workshops, LinkedIn, etc.

Possible Citizenship, Leadership, or Real World Edge Opportunities

Drs. Anderson and Cameron-Standerford are bringing 350 6th grade students to our campus on Wednesday, May 17 - Friday, May 19. Thursday, May 18 is a teaching day for these students. The classes can be on any topic, or in any form, during the following slots on Thursday, May 18:  8:30-10:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m.-Noon, and 3:00-4:30 p.m..  You would be teaching approximately 20, 12 year olds. You can choose to teach your topic once or multiple times.

If you are interested in volunteering for this year's Young Wildcat Scholars program, please contact Derek Anderson at or Abby Cameron-Standerford at  Please include a title and short description of your course, and also indicate the session time slot(s) you are volunteering to teach. We can assist you in getting a classroom space that supports your idea whether it be science, technology, literature, a hobby, a really cool activity (dance, sports, gaming, music), etc. 

Possible Citizenship, Leadership, or Real World Edge Opportunities

Bay Cliff Bothwell 7th Grade Environmental Science Camp is seeking counselors and/or teachers for Monday, May 22 - Friday, May 26. You can join as a counselor to support these students or you can teach an existing course (biking, rock climbing, canoeing, environmental science, camp cooking, etc.) or suggest a course of your own. The primary contact for the Bothwell Camp is Mr. Cameron Bancroft at Bothwell Middle School –  Contact to get a Bay Cliff Teacher Application.

Possible Citizenship, Diversity, Leadership, or Real World Edge Hours

The U.P. Sports Training Camp is presently accepting applications for the position of counselors for cognitively impaired youth and young adults ($250 stipend or serve as a volunteer/intern). Counselors and staff must be at least 18 years of age. References, background check, and fingerprinting required (no charge to applicant). Camp is scheduled for August 14-19 at Bay Cliff Health Camp, Big Bay.

More information may be found on the Cat Career Tracks website and at: (information, photos, application).

Anyone interested may contact Etienne Senker at or 906-250-1941. Please note that he is unavailable from May 14-29 (canoeing in the Canadian Wilderness).

Possible Diversity - Domestic, Leadership, or Real World Edge Hours

Are you looking for a chance to experience the other side of health care?  If so, please contact Upper Peninsula Home Health and Hospice, to learn about a variety of opportunities available. You can contact our Volunteer Coordinator today at 906-225-4545, e-mail us for more information at, or follow our efforts

Our Program:

Our hospice volunteers program offers several different types of opportunities ranging from direct companion/family support volunteers, special service volunteers, special project volunteers and even group opportunities.  Those who choose to work with our hospice patients directly will work in a variety of different settings that may include the patient’s personal homes, local hospitals, nursing homes, assisted livings, and memory care facilities.

As a volunteer with our hospice program, you will discover flexibility, specialized training and opportunities for personal growth.  Our team approach supports your role in making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.  You will also find the support of our Hospice Foundation which provides resources for volunteer projects and our Make-a-Memory Program.

Current Opportunities:

Companion/family support volunteers work to provide support directly to patients and families.  To ensure that all volunteers are equipped for the challenge of working with those dealing with a life limiting illness, we require that volunteers complete orientation and training sessions.  It’s important that volunteers understand the philosophy of hospice and are aware of the specific ways we work to serve the community.  Volunteers spend their visits being present, listening, helping with errands or light household tasks or providing short respite opportunities for caregivers.

Special service volunteers are able to share their special skills of music or art therapy, massage therapy, and reminisce therapy.  If you have any talents you would like to share, contact us today.

Special project volunteers groups help with special projects that are vital in providing indirect support to our patients and their caregivers.  Many of these groups consist of resident volunteers from the local assisted living and nursing facilities.  Projects include but are not limited to:  heated comfort bags, fleece tie blankets, recipes-in-a-jar/horticulture therapy kits, and cards, letters and flowers.

Group volunteer opportunities exist for your group, club, or organization to become involved with hospice.  Upper Peninsula Hospice will provide an informative presentation or on-site training for any interested group.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities call our volunteer coordinator at 906-225-4545 or check us out at

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