2015 Winter Semester Superior Edge Graduates

Emily AnnaEmily Anna has completed the Diversity and Real World Edges.  Emily is a fisheries and wildlife management major from Edmore, Michigan. She is most proud of her study abroad trip to Zambia.  She says, “I had the opportunity to do biology as well as immerse myself in the drastically different culture.  My month-long stay opened my eyes to the generosity and kindness of the Zambian people, and it will influence me for the rest of my life.  Traveling to Africa was always my life-long dream and the amazing experiences I had surpassed all expectations, which were very high!”  After graduation, Emily will be working temporary and seasonal jobs for a couple of years to gain field experience before earning her master’s degree in wildlife biology and conservation.

Alisha ArnspargerCongratulations to Alisha Arnsparger for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Gwinn, Michigan, Alisha is a communication studies major.  Alisha says, “In the fall of my freshman year, just after learning about Superior Edge, I attended a blood drive on campus put on by the Volunteer Center.  I noticed that there were many people waiting in line to get their vitals taken and only one nursing student in the registration area.  Having been trained in taking vitals, I asked an MGH employee for a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, and got to work alongside the nursing student.  Being able to spontaneously give my time that day made me realize the importance of what Superior Edge works to promote.”  After graduation, Alisha will be working as a resident director.

Kayleigh AshCongratulations to Kayleigh Ash for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Kayleigh is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major from Grayslake, Illinois.  Kayleigh is most proud of going on the Ireland International Service Project.  She says, “I had the opportunity to stay with a host family for a week in Dublin, Ireland, as well as volunteer at the Wee Care Montessori.  After volunteering in Dublin for a week, we traveled to Belfast, Derry, and Glencolmcille.  I was able to go to the Titanic Museum, Dunluce Castle, and my favorite site, Giant’s Causeway.  I was able to gain an appreciation for international diversity by participating in this event.”  After graduation, Kayleigh will be attending graduate school at Purdue University for speech-language pathology.

Abby BallardCongratulations to Abby Ballard for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Gladstone, Abby is a biology major with an emphasis in physiology.  Abby is most proud of being a Resident Adviser.  She says, “Through the experience and training I received, I was able to push myself as a leader and become skilled in time management, counseling/advising, and confrontation.  These were all areas I was weak in and coming out of my role as an RA, I became strong.  This experience enabled me to truly serve others with my time, advice, and support.  I am now a very confident leader, which I many not have been if I did not have this unique and incredible experience.”  After graduation, Abby will be attending dental hygiene school.

Sean BanniganSean Bannigan has completed the Real World Edge.  He is a graphic communications major from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Sean is most proud of working in the Promotional Services Office in the Center for Student Enrichment.  He says, “I was able to gain valuable real world experience working with the skills I learned in my classes for my major.  I also got to do what I love every day.”  After graduation, Sean is staying in Marquette for another year while hopefully finding a job in his field or doing freelance work.
Kelly BothKelly Both has completed the Real World Edge.  From Streamwood, Illinois, Kelly is a social work major and is most proud of the time she spent in Austria this past summer.  Kelly says, “Going on this trip I knew I would be taking in the Austrian culture and learning more about their history and their way of life, but I also ended up learning a lot about who I am and where I stand as well.  Even though I was in a country that is quite similar to America, I was still a minority and that was a very humbling experience for me.  Being able to navigate a foreign country gave me a huge sense of accomplishment and a desire to do it again.”  After graduation, Kelly will be attending Grand Valley State University to work on her master’s in social work.
Randi Boule'Congratulations to Randi Boule' for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Ishpeming, Randi is a nursing major.  Randi says, “I am so proud of how much I have learned and how many lives I have touched through various projects, fundraisers, and volunteering.  While in Ireland in May of 2012, Cara and I met a gentleman in an assisted living facility and him and I had a connection.  He told me the history and music of Ireland, and we talked for several days and learned each other’s stories. Before I left for the final time he told me our meeting was destined to happen. Two years later, Cara took a different group of students to the same assisted living facility, and I received an email from her saying that the same gentleman wanted her to tell me he said hi. This touched me that he remembered me after two years. I will never forget him.”  After graduation, Randi would like to travel the world, create her home in the UP, and be the best nurse she can be.
Alexandria BrandtAlexandria Brandt has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  Alex is a public relations major from Hudsonville, Michigan, whose favorite activity was working with the West Michigan Mudventure 5k and watching it come from just an idea at a dinner table to over 500 participants.  She says, “The race is in its third year and is hoping to hit close to 1,000 participants.”  After graduation, Alex plans to get a full-time job in public relations in either the Grand Rapids or Detroit area.

Alex BratschiAlex Bratschi has completed the Real World Edge.  A secondary education/math major, Alex is from Charlotte, Michigan.  Alex is most proud of tutoring in the math lab.  He says, “Seeing the eyes of my tutorees light up as they understood what I was explaining or teaching and coming back to me excitedly exclaiming their grade was extremely humbling and rewarding.”  After graduation, Alex will look for a job, settle down, and then head back to work on his master’s.

Cheyenne CecchiniCheyenne Cecchini has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  Cheyenne is an athletic training major from St. Paul, Minnesota.  She says, “My favorite and the activity I’m most proud of is that I was a part of Special Olympics. This event that is held in January is so inspiring and the Olympic athletes are truly wonderful individuals to be around. The excitement and joy each of those athletes show, motivates me to strive to do better in everything that I do.  Starting my freshman year I was introduced to a wonderful and amazing individual named Patty.  This year was my last year getting to cheer her on at the Special Olympic events, and it was hard to tell her I would not be back next year.  The friendship that was built will always be in my heart and her smile will always be in my memories.”  After graduation, Cheyenne will be attending massage therapy school while coaching soccer at the high school she attended.
Hayli CoxCongratulations to Hayli Cox for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Morenci, Michigan, Hayli is a writing major.  Hayli is most proud of teaching and doing activities with the students at Lake Superior Village.  She says, “We would paint, draw, and craft together, and once I even helped them with the Haunted Hayride.  Our work together helped them appreciate art and they helped me appreciate everything.”  After graduation, Hayli plans to attend NMU's masters in writing program as a teaching assistant and then get her PhD with creative dissertation at a larger school.
Amanda CrandellAmanda Crandell has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  From Midland, Michigan, Amanda is a marketing major.  Amanda is most proud of a sales internship that she had this past summer where she made about 1,840 sales calls in a 12-week period.  She says, “Selling allowed me to uncover needs through asking questions and listening.  This experience really helped me break out of my shell and find out what I am good at and what I may want to do after graduation.  I sold $52,365 in advertising on print, online and mobile platform.  That being said I ranked #1 of 39 in the Great Lakes Region and ranked #1 of 650 nationally.  I was also awarded the Blue Collar designation for exceeding standard for sales calls.”  After graduation, Amanda plans to work in sports marketing, hopefully, for the NHL or a sporting company like Nike, Easton, or Under Armor.

Hannah DakeHannah Dake has completed the Leadership Edge.  Hannah is a biology/pre-physical therapy major from Newberry, Michigan.  She has really enjoyed being involved in the Lunch Buddies program through Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Hannah says, “I appreciated being able to work with the same kids every week and see the relationships they formed with their buddies.  The kids did not always have a strong support system, so being able to help them find trusting relationships was a rewarding experience.”  After graduation, Hannah plans on attending physical therapy school.

Brooke Dishaw has completed the Citizenship and Real World Edges.  A clinical laboratory science, laboratory medicine major, Brooke is from Crystal Falls.  Brooke is most proud of donating bone marrow because she cured a stranger’s cancer.  After graduation, Brooke plans to continue working in her field and eventually attend graduate school.

Rachel EckertRachel Eckert has completed the Citizenship, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  From St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Rachel is a public relations major.  She is most proud of going on a mission trip during spring break of her sophomore year.  Rachel says, “Helping out those that were in need in my own country made me feel right.  Going back to those that truly needed made me feel as if I was doing my human right.  I cannot explain the way it made me feel.”  After graduation, Rachel will be going home for the summer.

Arika EganCongratulations to Arika Egan for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Arika is graduating with a double major in physics and philosophy and is from Mundelein, Illinois.  Arika is most proud of the Evening of Class that was held through the Social Justice Committee and said it turned out incredible.  She and her team are happy that they got such a great response from the community.  She says, “We learned a lot about global poverty and hunger from it as well.”  After graduation, Arika is hoping to work towards building an observatory in Marquette and then go on to graduate school for physics.
Jamie ElamJamie Elam has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  From Huntley, Illinois, Jamie is an athletic training major who is most proud of working as a camp counselor for children and adults with special needs and physical disabilities at Camp Courageous in Iowa.  She says, “That summer I worked as a camp counselor and found my true passion and in that my career goals changed dramatically.   As a camp counselor, it challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I enjoyed see people accomplish tasks they never thought they could, and it made me want to attend graduate school for therapeutic recreation.”  After graduation, Jamie will be attending graduate school for therapeutic recreation where she can work with inpatient or outpatient individuals at a rehabilitation hospital.
Matthew FlessnerCongratulations to Matthew Flessner for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Matt is a secondary education major from Lake Odessa, Michigan.  He is most proud of working at Sunny Crest Youth Ranch.  Matt says, “It was the most rewarding to see students who came in 22 credits behind starting their senior year graduate.”  After graduation, Matt will be moving to Muncie, Indiana, marrying fellow Superior Edge graduate Jessica Ulrich, and living the dream!
Mikenzie Frost

Mikenzie Frost has completed the Real World Edge.  Mikenzie is a multimedia journalism major from Dearborn, Michigan.  She says, “I completed three internships during my time at NMU but the one that stands out the most is interning at ABC 10 in Ishpeming.  This was an amazing opportunity for me to get hands-on experience doing what I want to be doing in my field.  I was able to cover the UP 200 by myself and package it for television.  This internship led me to getting hired by ABC where I work part time right now as a multimedia journalist, and I will start full time in June.”

Valerie HarvalaValerie Harvala has completed the Leadership Edge.  From Warren, Michigan, Valerie is an earth science major.  She is most proud of volunteering with the UP 200 where she was able to shadow veterinarians for the entire weekend during her freshman year.  Valerie says, “We helped with checking the dog’s health at each mandatory stopping station including checking heart rates, checking their feet for ice build up or wounds, administering IV’s, etc.  I am most proud of it because it was the first time I had the opportunity to work in a hands-on situation with what I wanted to do at the time.  It gave me a real world idea of what the future could hold outside the classroom.”  After graduating, Valerie will be volunteering and interning to gain experience and possibly attending graduate school.
Leann HermannCongratulations to Leann Herrmann for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Leann is a double major in biology/physiology emphasis and general psychology/pre-physician assistant.  From Batavia, Illinois, Leann is most proud of going to Tanzania, Africa.  She says, “I went for a medical internship and was lucky enough to experience health care in an underprivileged area in regional hospitals and local clinics.  Not only was I able to gain experience in my future career path, but I also had exposure to a unique cultural experience that gave me a new outlook on the way I live my life in a different perspective.”  After graduation, Leann will be applying to physician assistant schools.
Julie HerweyerCongratulations to Julie Herweyer for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Julie is getting her master’s degree in psychology and is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Julie is most proud of being a graduate teaching assistant.  She says, “It challenged me to pursue a greater understanding of the concepts I taught.  In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and teaching my students.”  After graduation, she hopes to go on to a doctorate program or find a job in the field of psychology.
Kaitlyn HoffmanKaitlyn Hoffman has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  Kaitlyn is a secondary education math major from Marysville, Michigan.  Her greatest experience was working with Upward Bound and Science Camp at NMU this past summer.  She says, “It was the first time I got to have control of a classroom of students.  It really opened my eyes to how unprivileged students are overlooked in schools when they shouldn’t be.  Without this experience, I do not believe I would have been ready for my student teaching.”  After graduation, Kaitlyn will be moving to Pennsylvania with her fiancé, getting married, and finding a job.
Jordan IversonJordan Iverson has completed the Diversity and Real World Edges.  A nursing major from Anchorage, Alaska, Jordan is most proud of her independent study abroad in Spain and Ireland.  She says, “I hiked 300 km of the Camino de Santiago, a religious pilgrimage.  I am proud of this trip because I think it really highlighted the purpose of the Diversity Edge.  This pilgrimage was all about the people and culture of Spain, but also the friends you met walking.  300 km of walking gives you a lot of time to learn about other people and their cultures, and I think this experience gave me a greater appreciation of the world and its diversity.”  After graduation, Jordan will return to Alaska and obtain a nursing internship position at a local hospital.
Kara JacoboniCongratulations to Kara Jacoboni for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Hailing from Milford, Michigan, Kara is a communication studies major.  She is most proud of the time she spent at Father Marquette Middle School working with the Girl’s Club.  She says, “Seeing how much the girls benefited from the club was so amazing!”  After graduation, Kara will be either attending graduate school or jumping into the workforce.
Marissa KaneCongratulations to Marissa Kane for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Marissa is a biology major with a physiology emphasis from Ortonville, Michigan.  Marissa says, “My time at NMU has been very well spent, and I think that the most meaningful experience has been becoming a researcher for the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center.  I have learned how concepts in class can be applied in a realistic way which has helped me infinitely as a student.  In addition, the perseverance needed to do this work has helped me grow as a person.  I now know of the limitless career options I have, and I have the lab to thank.”  After graduation, Marissa will continue her education at NMU working on a master’s of biology.  She would like to travel and apply for a doctoral program when she is done traveling.
Alexandra KerlinAlexandra Kerlin has completed the Citizenship, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  She is currently studying abroad in Australia.
Amanda KleikampCongratulations to Amanda Kleikamp for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Norway, Michigan, Amanda is a social work major.  She is most proud of volunteering at Room at the Inn.  Amanda says, “It was something that was outside of my comfort zone, and it has a stigma of the populations.  I am glad to announce that doing this volunteering changed my views completely and allowed me to do a volunteering experience that was beyond rewarding.”  After graduating, Amanda plans to pursue a job at the BSW level and continue to get her master’s degree.
Lindsy KlemmerCongratulations to Lindsy Klemmer for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!   An accounting major form Charlevoix, Michigan, Lindsy is most proud of volunteering at UPAWS.  She says, “Although one of the most common volunteer activities among students, it was one of the first activities that I did for Superior Edge, and it was one that I sought out and fulfilled entirely on my own.”  After graduation, Lindsy will be studying for the CPA exam while working at a local accounting firm at home.

Jessica KraliJessica Krali has completed the Real World Edge.  From Sterling Heights, Michigan, Jessica is an athletic training major.  Jessica is most proud of attending the Great Lakes Athletic Training Association’s annual meeting.  She says, “I attended this conference every year, and it is always a good experience.  I enjoy learning about new methods and studies in my field, as well as creating memories with my peers.”  After graduation, Jessica plans on getting a job and attend graduate school.

Jennifer KrawzeJennifer Krawze has completed the Citizenship and Leadership Edges.  Jenna is a management major from Suamico, Wisconsin.  She is most proud of her Community Service Internship through the Student Leader Fellowship Program with the Beacon House.  Jenna says, “This local non-profit has an amazing mission and helps people through some of the most difficult times.”  After graduation, Jenna will be looking for a job.

Kara LampinenCongratulations to Kara Lampinen for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Cary, Illinois, Kara is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major.  She is most proud of implementing a Young Athletes Program at a local elementary school through her Community Service Internship with the Student Leader Fellowship Program.  She says, “It was a sports and play program for children with special needs who are too young to participate in Special Olympics.”  After graduation, Kara plans to get her master’s degree is speech pathology.

Mary LawheadMary Lawhead has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  From Munising, Mary is a history major.  She is most proud of presenting at the Phi Alpha Theta National Conference.  Mary says, “NMU very seldom sends history students to the conference, so to be selected and able to go was a huge honor.  I was able to share my research with other history scholars and hear their research.  For several days, I was surrounded by other historians.  I also had to be a little self-reliant because of issues returning to Michigan due to weather.  My flight was cancelled three times on my way home.  It was an adventure.”  After graduation, Mary will be either going to grad school or looking for a job at an outdoors school.
Daniel LeeCongratulations to Daniel Lee for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Hailing from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Dan is a criminal justice major who is the proud of being a recipient of a Leadership Scholarship.  Each year he has participated in the Presidential Scholars Competition as an evaluator for prospective students.  He said, “My favorite part of the competition was the small-group activities, because it was exciting to switch places and be the one evaluating future leaders.  I stayed open-minded towards all members and was very interested to see the different types of leadership students bring to the table.”  In August, Dan will leave for Fort Benning, Georgia to attend Army Basic Officer School.  He has been assigned to the Armor Branch, which means he will be serving his early years as a Lieutenant who commands soldiers working with heavy armored vehicles such as tanks and Strykers.
Austin LucasAustin Lucas has completed the Real World Edge.  From Iron Mountain, Michigan, Austin is a social work major.  He is most proud of working with juveniles in the youth home as a part of the social work learning agreement.  Austin says, “I felt very proud to be able to facilitate life skills training and substance abuse awareness.”  After graduation, Austin will be attending graduate school at the University of South Carolina where he will be pursuing a master's of social work.
Marissa LucheckMarissa Lucheck has completed the Citizenship, Diversity, and Real World Edge.  Marissa is from Plainfield, Illinois, and is a social work major.  She says, “The experience I am most proud of is having an internship in Ghana.  Working in an orphanage and developing life skills classes for 20 children was an experience I’ll never forget.”  After graduation, Marissa will be applying for Americorps and then attend graduate school.
Carley MaanikaCarley Maanika has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  She is an athletic training major from Ishpeming.  She is most proud of her clinical experience.  Carly says, “Part of a college education is making the transition to a profession after graduation, and I feel comfortable doing that after the hard work I put in during my clinical rotations.”  After graduation, Carley plans to attend a physical therapy school.

Rosemary MagidsohnCongratulations to Rosemary Magidsohn for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A nursing major from Clarkston, Michigan, Rosemary is most proud of studying abroad in Costa Rica.  She says, “It definitely put me out of my comfort zone and broadened my diversity horizon.”  After graduation, Rosemary will move to Oregon to obtain a nursing position within a hospital or with a hospice agency.

Savannah MalloSavannah Mallo has completed the Real World Edge.  A Marquette native, Savannah is a public relations major.  She is most proud of planning and executing the UP Regional Food Summit as a part of her internship with the Marquette Food Co-op.  Savannah says, “I’m extremely proud of this because this summit brought together community members, farmers, business owners, and schools to discuss how we can get more local food into our communities.  It was amazing to be a part of a collaborative process that was working toward bettering our community.”  After graduation, Savannah is hoping to find a job with an environmental non-profit in the Pacific Northwest.
Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin has completed the Citizenship and Real World Edges.  Jon is a double major in international studies and environmental studies and sustainability from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Jon is most proud of working as an intern at an organic farm in Maine.  He says, “When the owner fell ill, it was up to me to run all farm operations.  Together, we had the best week financially in the farm’s history.  I took this as proof that running an environmentally friendly business is a possible life path.”  After graduation, Jon will continue to work and advocate for a greener and more peaceful world.

Victoria MattsonCongratulations to Victoria Mattson for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Victoria is a behavioral analysis major from Negaunee.  She is most proud of participating in the service learning project in Thailand.  Victoria says, “This was by far the most educating and rewarding experience I was involved in.  We traveled for three weeks to different part of Thailand.  I was immersed in an entirely new culture, lived in a hill tribe village building a community center, and learned to train elephants.  The memories and educational gain I have made are priceless.”  After graduation, Victoria will be attending graduate school at NMU in the applied behavior analysis program.

Aaron MellesmoenAaron Mellesmoen has completed the Citizenship, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  From Bloomington, Minnesota, Aaron is a biology major with a physiology emphasis.  Aaron is most proud of working with the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center.  He says, “I conducted research which incorporated unconventional materials such as scorpion venom and plant extracts to better understand how brain tumors metastasize (or spread).  In addition, I advanced awareness on cancer research through addressments at public events, and I presented my research at a national conference.  These experiences gave me the skills and knowledge to successfully pursue a future career in medicine and cancer research.  I am proud to have been prepared to improve people’s lives in this manner.”  After graduation, Aaron will be attending NMU to conduct research and obtain a master’s degree is cancer biology.

Congratulations to Katherine Niemann for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Katherine is a speech, language, and hearing major from Ann Arbor.  She is most proud of the hours she got from the Diversity and Leadership Edges.  Katherine says, “My job as a direct care worker for adults with developmental disabilities was very rewarding and provided me with lasting relationships, personally and professionally.”  After graduation, Katherine will be attending grad school.

Hannah NowackHannah Nowack has completed the Real World Edge.  Hailing from Menominee, Michigan, Hannah is an accounting major who is most proud of volunteering for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA).  Hannah says, “This program allows accounting students to assist the community with tax preparation and provides support to our local community through an increase in disposable income.”  After graduation, Hannah will be a tax accountant at Ernst &Young.
Elizabeth O'BrienElizabeth O'Brien has completed the Citizenship, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  From Palatine, Illinois, Elizabeth is a biology/physiology major.  Her most memorable experience was participating in Make a Difference Day with her house.  She says, “Every year we would hype up the event to new freshmen to get them excited.  We would get up early for breakfast, dress in an absurd amount of layers, and then head out.  I loved raking the leaves for the community members.  To me, it never seemed that strenuous but the residents of Marquette and the surrounding area were always so touched and grateful that we took up a Saturday to help them around the house.  I loved being able to contribute and make their lives a little better.”  After graduation, Elizabeth is hoping to head to Spain to participate in their Auxiliaries program and teach English.
Roy OwensbyCongratulations to Roy Owensby for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A marketing and political science major, Roy is from Neenah, Wisconsin.  Roy is most proud of his volunteer work with the U.S. Congressional campaign in Marquette.  He says, “I was part of a group that helped to register over 600 voters on campus, knocked on doors throughout the community, made phone calls, attended conferences, and met candidates.  This was all very rewarding for me to help get others interested in the political process, but it was also beneficial to me to get out into the community and really interact with those who live in it.”  After graduation, Roy plans to join AmeriCorps and serve for 11 months as a team leader with their FEMA Corps program based out of Vicksburg, Mississippi. There he will lead a group of 8-12 team members to various locations assigned to them by FEMA. Once his term of service is up, Roy will complete his masters of public administration and looks forward to continued public service.
Jordan PaquetCongratulations to Jordan Paquet for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Jordan is a public relations major from Negaunee.  Jordan is most proud of volunteering in Norway for a youth winter sports camp on the grounds of the 1994 Winter Olympics.  He says, “I was tasked with creating a fun and interactive environment for more than 1,500 Norwegian teens and lead a small group of 10 through group exercises.”  After he graduates, Jordan will be getting married and moving to Norway to work in international digital marketing.
Malinda PenkalaMalinda Penkala has completed the Real World Edge.  A secondary education English major from Eastpointe, Michigan, Malinda is most proud of having the opportunity to teach through the TaLK program.  She says, “I was able to travel to Korea and gain experience teaching.  Of all my accomplishments so far, this is by far the greatest.”  After graduation, Malinda hopes to teach abroad in either Japan or Korea, and she is looking for teaching positions in Alaska.  She also hopes to obtain a master’s in international education in England and hopes to be ESL and EFL certified.
Stephanie RobertsStephanie Roberts has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  From Lake Orion, Michigan, Stephanie is a nursing major who is most proud of her experiences through ROTC’s Nurses Summer Training Program in Seoul, South Korea.  She says, “I completed 148 clinical hours in the Emergency Room at the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital.  I got a lot of great hands-on experience including opportunities to start IVs, coordinate with doctors, and working within a military environment.  I was honored to be evaluated as the number 1 cadet out of 7 total cadets by my clinical preceptors.”  After graduation, Stephanie will be commissioning with the Army and going active duty to an assigned duty station working as an Army nurse.
Cassandra RossCongratulations to Cassandra Ross for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Casey is a biochemistry major from St. Louis, Michigan.  She is most proud of her medical volunteering in Peru with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children.  She says, “This experience allowed me to learn many things about myself and about helping others.  I was able to help others in simple ways such as the time we built a playground for an indigenous community, to the time we gave fluoride treatments to children.  This opportunity taught me about the medical disparities in Peru that will help me in my hopeful career of medicine along with both domestic and international diversity.”  After graduation, Casey plans to attend medical school to become a physician.
Elizabeth SabinCongratulations to Elizabeth Sabin for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  An elementary education and mathematics major from Grand Rapids, Liz really enjoyed tutoring students to help them obtain their GED.  She says, “I was able to work with a diverse range of students and learn much from helping them. It was fun because it tested my teaching abilities – I had to help students understand in different ways, and at times I had to teach them pretty high level math even though they had practically no mathematics background.”  After graduation, Liz hopes to find a teaching job and start teaching children how to be the best they can be.
Leslie SchmelingLeslie Schmeling has completed the Diversity and Real World Edges.  From Marquette, Leslie is a biology major with a physiology emphasis.  She is most proud of her volunteer work in India.  She says, “One activity I was involved in was planning and teaching lesson plans at an elementary school of 1st to 5th graders. We taught the 1st through 5th graders about dental hygiene, such as the proper time of brushing your teeth and flossing, first aid and geography. I didn’t realize how much of an impact I had on the children until my last day there.  I received endless hugs and pictures taken of me.  I felt like I had truly made an impression on them, something that they could take away and remember for a long time.”  After graduation, Leslie will be applying to physician assistant’s school.

Andrea Schultz has completed the Real World Edge.  Andrea is from Appleton, Wisconsin and is a management of health and fitness major.  She is most proud of being a coach at Peak Fitness.  Andrea says, “I enjoyed taking a leadership role in a fitness setting and helping with the kids!  They were a lot of fun to work with.  I learned a lot from this experience and feel even more confident in what I would like to do after graduation – open a business such as a gym/training facility.”

Alyssa ShawAlyssa Shaw has completed the Real World Edge.  A speech, language, and hearing sciences major, Alyssa is from Livonia, Michigan.  Alyssa is most proud of her work as a camp counselor at Bay Cliff Health Camp.  She says, “I am most proud of it because it was such a challenging experience that I was able to succeed in doing.  I had so much to overcome throughout the whole summer.  I had to take care of three children at a time, ages three to six years old.  I was basically their mom for the summer.  I am proud to say that I was able to keep my kids in line and build beautiful connections with them.”  After graduation, Alyssa will be attending graduate school for a master’s degree in speech-language pathology.
Anna SolbergCongratulations to Anna Solberg for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Negaunee, Anna is an environmental studies and sustainability major who is most proud of her Tanzania trip with her church.  While they were there, they volunteered at a few schools and clinics around Dar es Salaam, and Anna also took photos of the group.  Anna will be working on her masters in geography when she attends Kent State University in order to study water accessibility in Tanzania.  She will also have a TA position in a physical geography lab.
Lauren SomogyiCongratulations to Lauren Somogyi for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge! Lauren is an environmental studies and sustainability major from Bolingbrook, Illinois. One of the activities that Lauren is most proud of is bringing the film “Girl Rising” to NMU. She says, “I watched the trailer and felt passionate about the message it portrayed. The film focused on the importance of educating women around the world. It shared personal stories of girls from different countries and how they are treated within their society. These girls expressed how important education is to them and how it would help them in their lives. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to bring this film to campus and spread this powerful message.” After graduation, Lauren has applied to the Conservation Corps as a summer youth corps leader where she will be leading groups of high school students in outdoor service projects that could include natural habitat restoration, campsite development, and invasive species removal.
Cole SwistonCongratulations to Cole Swiston for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Cole is a biology (physiology emphasis)/pre-med major from Washburn, Wisconsin.  Cole is most proud of the time he spent in Belize with 20 other NMU students.  He says, “I believe the medical care we were able to provide spoke not only for the compassion of each individual but also for the university as a whole.  Working as a team to help so many diverse groups of people was fulfilling and made me proud to be an NMU student.”  After graduation, Cole will be heading to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health next year.
Jessica UlrichCongratulations to Jessica Ulrich for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Jessica is a biology/physiology major from Fenton, Michigan.  She is most proud of time spent as a volunteer for Marquette General Hospital.  She says, “I was able to connect with the Marquette area communities through service, and I had the opportunity to become friends with some of the coolest older U.P. folk in the area.  I especially grew to know the regular dialysis patients and understand the challenges they face in daily activities.  I would not have some of my greatest friends and the skill and knowledge they taught me if I did not volunteer at the hospital.”  After graduation, Jessica plans to get her master’s in biology education from Ball State.
Andrea WirtzAndrea Wirtz has completed the Diversity, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  From Brookfield, Wisconsin, Andrea is a zoology major.  Andrea is most proud of going to Zambia with a Faculty Led Study Abroad trip.  She says, “It was a life-changing trip that gave me the experience in carrying out research in a wildlife field as well as an opportunity to experience a difference culture that so many of us find far from home.  The trip not only helped me complete my Diversity Edge, it also helped me grow as a biologist and overall as a person.”  After graduation, Andrea hopes to work at a zoo.  Until then, she hopes to get as much experience as possible through volunteer opportunities.