2013 Fall SE Graduates

Graduation Reception Comments
December 13, 2013


Ronnie AllenRonnie Allen completed the Citizenship, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  He is an environmental conservation major from Harrison Township, Michigan.  Ronnie is most proud of the time he spent working on the courage retreat through his community service internship with the Student Leader Fellowship Program.  He says, “Working on a program that was meant to help kids was rewarding.  To know that my fellow SLFP’ers and I worked hard on making life better for 7th and 8th graders is something I will always cherish.”  After graduation, Ronnie plans to work full-time for a couple of years and then return to school to earn a graduate degree in professional studies.

Kelli ArnoldKelli Arnold is an athletic training major who has completed the Real World Edge.  She is from Carney, Michigan.  Kelli is most proud of going to Dickinson County Hospital and working with an outreach program for Kingsford High School.  She says, “With help from a teacher, I was able to find this opportunity and normally students stay between Marquette and Ishpeming for our experiences.”  Kelli is waiting for the results of her Board of Certification test and then she hopes to be employed through a hospital outreach program to a high school.

Eric BorsumCompleting the Leadership Edge, Eric Borsum is from Houghton and is a business management major.  He is most proud of being a camp counselor.  He says, “I was able to work with kids and be a leader.  I was a major influence on them and I was able to learn how to motivate and discipline them.  I learned how to inspire them and I also learned a lot about myself by being around them.  They taught me how to be a better leader by being more clear with directions, how to get them excited for different activities, and how to keep them under control.  It was a great experience.  I learned so much from the kids, and they learned a lot from me.”  After graduation, Eric hopes to find a position that he can fit into somewhere outside of Michigan.

Amanda CareyAmanda Carey completed the Real World Edge.  An environmental science major with a concentration in natural resources, Amanda is from Negaunee.  She is most proud of her service trip to Belize.  She says, “While there, we helped paint a school, helped teach the children, and got to experience different types of diversity.”  After graduation, Amanda is hoping to find a job in wildlife conservation.

Ellyn CarrollCompleting all four edges for the Superior Edge is Ellyn Carroll!  She is a business management major from Maple Grove, Minnesota.  She is most proud of her work as a coach for the Superior Central Middle School track and field team.  She said, “I felt so connected to the community as the coach of the young adults of Superior Central.  I was given invaluable autonomy and leadership experience.  I have been able to maintain a strong relationship with the athletes, even though I no longer coach for them.  Coaching track really fueled my passion for coaching in general.  It made me seek out more coaching opportunities and I am the assistant coach for Marquette’s varsity volleyball team.”  After graduation, Ellyn will be staying at NMU as a graduate assistant for First Year Experience while working on her master of psychology in training and human performance improvement degree.

Jacqueline CarrollJacqueline Carroll completed all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Hailing from Wixom, Michigan, Jacqui is an art and design education major with a minor in secondary English education.  She is most proud of her student teaching experience.  Jacqui says, “Not only has it been the most immersion I have experienced in the classroom, but it has been the greatest period of learning and reflection in my life.  Every day my patience is tested by my students, a virtue I have always struggled with.  Once  this experience is over, I know I will walk out with more than just classroom management skills; I will walk out as a confident, wise, lighthearted woman who is willing to take on the world – can’t ask for more than that.”  After graduation, Jacqui will be moving to Germany to be an ESL teacher.

Charlotte CialekCharlotte Cialek completed all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A biochemistry major from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Charlotte is most proud of her time in the Center for Student Enrichment and the Student Leader Fellowship Program.  She says, “We’ve all heard it before, ‘If you actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.’ by John Quincy Adams.   When I started the Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP), it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I’ve met so many influential people who have taught me valuable lessons about leadership and life.  I feel connected to the Marquette community and have learned how to be a servant leader, the essence of Adams’ quote.  Because of the SLFP, I know I’ll be an active community member and leader in my future endeavors.”  Charlotte was the 2013 fall semester commencement speaker.  After graduation, Charlotte is going home to hug her family, grandma, and dog and then she will head to South Korea to teach English!

Heather DranginHeather Drangin completed the Diversity, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  Heather is a computer information systems major concentrating in network administration and is from Cedar Springs, Michigan.  She is most proud of her experience in the Real World Edge working for eBay.  She says, “This gave me an opportunity to learn more about opportunities available in my field.  I also had the opportunity to grow as a professional.”  After graduation, Heather will be staying at NMU to pursue an MPA.

Anna DravlandAnna Dravland completed the Citizenship, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  Anna is a hospitality management major from Negaunee who completed her associate’s degree.  The activity that Anna is most proud of is the Support Our Soldiers car wash and barbecue that she created.  She says, “My boyfriend and three of my brothers are in the military and it came to my attention that our local military units were in need of money for their family activity days and family support programs.  The proceeds of the event went to the two active military units in the area.  This was the first time I have ever created, from the ground up, my own fundraiser.  I did everything including poster design, donation acquisition, media spots and marketing, volunteer coordination and everything in the middle….  It is a genuine blessing to know that my personal efforts and the generosity of the community can truly make a difference.  The Superior Express Care & Wash on Washington Street has offered to host the 2nd Annual fundraiser on Saturday, July 5, 2014. Volunteer soldiers and their families will join us again to make this an amazing, fun day of support.”  After graduation, Anna will continue working on her bachelor’s degree at NMU and develop her resume as a fundraising specialist and event planner.

Chelsea EwaldtChelsea Ewaldt completed the Citizenship and Leadership Edges.  She is an English major from Menominee, Michigan.  Chelsea is most proud of the opportunity to share her music abilities with aspiring young musicians.  She says, “Every summer for many years I have taught band lessons to local sixth graders in my hometown.  I love to see the progress they make from the beginning of the lessons until the end.  It’s absolutely wonderful to know that I’ve made a difference in their lives and have shared something I am really passionate about.”  After graduation, Chelsea plans to find a job as a journalist.

Anica GillisAnica Gillis completed all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Hailing from Chassell, Michigan, Anica is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major.  The activity that Anica put the most time into planning and implementing was an after-school program at Marquette Alternative High School.  She says, “I was the leader of this activity but had several students that would work with me at each of the after-school lessons.  I learned the importance of a positive group dynamic, consistency in leadership, and commitment while helping to guide many area students in need.”  After graduation, Anica will be pursuing a master’s degree in speech-language pathology.

Emily GoodmanEmily Goodman completed the Diversity and Real World Edges.  Emily is an environmental studies and sustainability major from Lake Bluff, Illinois.  One of Emily’s favorite activities while in Superior Edge was going to Belize.  She says, “Voluntourism is just as it sounds, part volunteering and part tourism. We went over spring break my sophomore year for a 10-day trip.  This trip alone opened my eyes to diversity around the world.  Exploring the jungle in inland Belize was almost as rewarding as helping students in El Progresso clean up their school.”  After graduation, Emily will be spending a few months in Puerto Rico exploring and working at a farm that practices permaculture.

Allison HaltaufderheidAllison Haltaufderheid completed all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Green Bay, Wisconsin, Allison is a physical education and health education major.  She is most proud of her successful coaching career over the past three summers.  Allison says, “I had the opportunity to coach the Allouez Red Youth 9-12-year-old girls’ softball team.  I was asked to take on this responsibility due to my passion for coaching and athletics.  The hands-on head coach position requires you to build a team, be a leader, set goals for the girls and to teach techniques all while enjoying the sport and experience.  I had to make critical position changes, dealt with parent opinions, and the commitment of long weekend hours.  To watch the girls enjoy themselves and develop my coaching skills was definitely a highlight that will be with me for a while as I plan to continue on with my team in the future.”  Allison will be moving back to Green Bay to look for a teaching job in the field of physical education or health education.

Nicky KumerowCompleting the Diversity, Leadership, and Real World Edges is Nicky Kumerow.  An early childhood and Spanish double major, Nicky is from Forest Lake, Minnesota.  Nicky is most proud of being the president of the NMU’s Women’s Alpine Ski Team for two years.  She says, “Being president required a lot of planning, responsibility and decision making that I think cumulated in an overall great experience.”  After graduation, Nicky will be staying Marquette to continue working as a toddler teacher.

Kaytlyn KwiatkowskiKaytlyn Kwiatkowski completed the Leadership Edge.  Hailing from Memphis, Michigan, Kaytlyn is a criminal justice major.  The highlight of being in Superior Edge was going to London, England.  She says, “This was the first time I had ever traveled across seas and the experience opened my eyes to the vast diversity.  We spent a bit of time browsing the local street markets and getting to know the local people that lived there.”  After graduation, Kaytlyn hopes to obtain a career working for Child Protective Services in Michigan.

Adam MagnusonCompleting the Leadership and Real World Edges is Adam Magnuson.  An environmental studies and sustainability major from Brookfield, Wisconsin, Adam is most proud of being the president of the “greatest club in Northern’s history,” The Tree Musketeers.  Adam plans to hike the Arizona National Scenic Trail in March and then go on to graduate school.

Julia McLeanA nursing major from Dearborn, Julia McLean completed all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Julia is most proud of her experiences at Bay Cliff Health Camp.  She says, “This employment experience had such a positive impact on my college experience, as well as on my life in general.  I am a more positive and accepting person because of my time spent here.  I learned more from working with these amazing children than any textbook could ever teach, and I recommend the job to anyone majoring in a healthcare field, education, or to anyone who wants a life-changing experience.”  After graduation, Julia plans to pass her boards and become licensed as an RN.  She would then like to get a job in pediatrics at C.S. Mott Hospital at the University of Michigan, and after working for a while, go back to get her masters in nursing.

Caitlin MrowiecCompleting all four edges for the Superior Edge, Caitlin Mrowiec is a zoology major from Antioch, Illinois!  She is most proud of participating in the entire 24 hours of Relay for Life.  She says, “I have lost family to cancer and so had members of the team I participated with.  It was incredibly emotional and touching, and we all supported each other throughout the experience.  There was a very strong sense of community and camaraderie between the participants, and I am honored to have been part of raising money for such a noble cause.”  After graduation, Caitlin is taking a short break from schooling before attending graduate school.  During her break, she will continue to volunteer at the humane society.

Diana NguyenDiana Nguyen completed all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Marquette, Diana is a nursing major who says that all four edges have impacted her positively as a person.  She says, “I really enjoyed volunteering and helping others.  I have spent over 100+ hours tutoring students in all subjects.  As a nursing student, I enjoyed teaching young students about health care and helping them with homework.  By completing the entire Superior Edge, my life has changed through meeting so many great people.  Besides having a positive impact on my life, I hope my contributions as a Superior Edge member has impacted others in a positive way as well.”  After graduation, Diana plans to do an overseas mission trip during winter break before returning to NMU as a post baccalaureate student.

Andrew PiaseckiAndrew Piasecki completed the Citizenship and Real World Edges.  A marketing major, Andrew is from Upsala, Minnesota.  Andrew is most proud of his involvement with planning the 2012 United Conference.  He says, “I helped Judy Puncochar and her team with the planning as well as the promotion of the conference.  It was a great experience, and I really learned a lot from it.  The Student Leader Fellowship Program led me to work on the project as my community service internship, which was a part of the program.  I am most proud of this activity since I was able to help bring several guest speakers to NMU.”  After graduation, Andrew will be staying in Marquette to work at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Congratulations to all of our Superior Edge graduates!