Housing Logging Competition

Each fall semester the residence hall houses and campus apartments/Spooner Hall compete in a Superior Edge/Housing Logging Competition. The competition begins the first day of classes and typically ends at midnight the second Sunday of November. The house or apartment/Spooner Hall with the most logged Superior Edge hours wins $200 cash as well as having their name put on a perpetual plaque that is displayed in the LRC and their photo displayed on the Superior Edge website. The maximum hours a student can log is 600, and there must be a minimum of 3 students logging from each house/apartment.

There are two categories: 1.  all residence hall houses on campus (Gant, Halverson, Hunt, Magers, Meyland, Payne, Spalding, Van Antwerp, and West) and the 2.  on-campus apartments or Spooner Hall (Spooner Hall; 1600's Lincoln; Lincoln Townhouses; Norwood Apartments; 1220, 1230 & 1240 Center; 1st floor Woodland; 2nd floor Woodland; 3rd floor Woodland; 600, 601, 700 & 701 Summit; and 800, 801 & 821 Summit/801 & 821 Center).

Fall Semester Houses On-Campus Apartments/Spooner Hall
American Graffiti, Van Antwerp Hall
3,218 hours

Norwood Apartments
1,931.5 hours
American Graffiti, Van Antwerp Hall
2,771.25 hours

Spooner Hall
1,779.25 hours
Breakwater, Payne Hall
2,432 hours

Lincoln Townhouses
1,247.25 hours
Concert House, Van Antwerp Hall
1,694 hours

3rd floor, Woodland Apartments
1,012.5 hours
American Graffiti, Van Antwerp Hall
2,490.25 hours

2nd floor, Woodland Apartments
1,627.5 hours
The Strip, Gant Hall
723.5 hours

3rd Floor, Woodland Apartments
399.64 hours

Deja Vu, Halverson Hall
2,246 hours

On-Campus Apartments
5,342 hours