Leadership Edge

Someone Taking an OathStudents will grow as competent, ethical, and effective leaders.  They will:

  • Appreciate the ethical underpinnings of effective leadership
  • Understand group dynamics and processes
  • Develop an awareness of personal leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Attain the knowledge of different leadership styles and approaches

To satisfactorily achieve the outcome, students will complete:

  • 100 hours that includes a combination of theory, ethics, and experience.  A minimum of 50 hours must be leadership experience.
  • Log your hours on the Superior Edge logging system
  • Write a reflection paper/schedule an interview with one of our staff members and complete a short survey

Examples of what would count towards completion of the Leadership Edge:

  • theory:  courses, workshops, or conferences with leadership theory.  Theory must be learned in a formal setting.
  • ethics:  complete courses or course content, participate in presentations or workshops on ethics.  Ethics must be learned in a formal setting.             
  • experience:  leadership role in a student or community organization, resident adviser (RA), Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP), ROTC, employment with leadership responsibilities

Possible Leadership Edge Activities:Speaker speaking at a conference

  • Position on a committee or in a student organization
  • Leadership Skill Builder! workshops
  • Leadership theory class
  • Residence hall leadership positions
  • Organize talk/guest speaker (house/hall/Platform Personalities)
  • Be a resident adviser or community adviser
  • Hold a supervisory position at your place of employment