Diversity Edge

Students will develop a world view and better understand and appreciate diversity.  They will:Student on an Abroad Trip

  • Develop an appreciation for domestic diversity
  • Develop an appreciation for international diversity
  • Increase knowledge of different cultures in the United States and around the world
  • Better understand global issues

To satisfactorily achieve the outcome, students will complete:

  • 100 hours that will include a combination of international and domestic diversity (a minimum of at least 20 hours in each area)
  • Log your hours on the Superior Edge logging system
  • Write a reflection paper/schedule an interview with one of our staff members  and complete a short survey

Examples of what would count towards completion of the Diversity Edge:

  • international diversity:  study/travel abroad; attend presentations, workshops, programs, or events; present personal experiences
  • domestic diversity:  attend presentations, workshops, or programs; participate in events such as Holocaust Awareness Week, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, National Coming Out Day, or the Pow Wow; experiences at a soup kitchen; working at Bay Cliff; tutoring at Lake Superior Village; working with the elderly; student exchange programs; membership in a diversity student organization

Student on an Abroad TripPossible Diversity Edge Activities:

Participate in programs having to do with diversity

  • Attend Skill Builder! workshops or other workshops dealing with diversity
  • Volunteer experience in diverse neighborhoods, cities, or countries
  • Study or live abroad
  • Take extra courses on diversity beyond the world cultures requirement
  • Become a member of a student organization approved as a diversity promotion group (out of your comfort zone):   All About Korea, All Nations Club, Black Student Union, Native American Student Association, OUTLook, Queers & Allies, etc.