2019 Fall Graduates

Nicholas Beattie

Congratulations to Nicholas Beattie for completing the Real World Edge!  From Escanaba, Michigan, Nicholas is a secondary education social studies major.  He is most proud of his involvement with Special Olympics.  Nicholas says, “Being involved in such a diverse and accepting community was a great experience.  My athletes were truly wonderful to be around.”  In January, Nicholas will be moving to Chicago to work in the Chicago Public Schools.

Liz Caputo

Congratulations to Elizabeth Caputo for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A double major in criminal justice and psychology applied behavioral analysis, Liz is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She is most proud of working with the Superior Arts Youth Theatre and Jill Grundstrom on Newsies, which was for her 100-hour community service internship for the Student Leader Fellowship Program.  Liz says, “It was a great experience because it really opened my eyes to the theatre life.  I was able to see how much work goes on behind the scenes and how everyone has to work together to make a show.”  After graduation, Liz plans on finishing her application with Border Patrol with the hopes of being stationed in Cleveland, Ohio.  She will also be planning her wedding.  Congratulations!

Sydney Cornock

Congratulations to Sydney Cornock for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Marquette, Sydney is a double major in sports science and Spanish.  She is most proud of traveling to Belize during her sophomore year.  Sydney says, “While in Belize we helped organize health clinics, health education in schools, and nutrition education in the local market.  I really enjoyed helping narrow the gap between the need and the availability of healthcare.  I was also able to use some of my Spanish skills to talk with some of the patients and translate for other students.”  After graduation, Sydney will be attending a physician assistant program.

Denali Drake

Congratulations to Denali Drake for completing the Diversity, Leadership, and Real World Edges!  A political science major, Denali is from Ann Arbor.  She is most proud of all of the leadership positions that she held on campus.  Denali says, “They gave me the ability to figure out what I plan on doing in my career, and I was able to develop my management skills.”  After graduation, Denali plans to get her master's of arts in law and diplomacy.

Michelle Gerdom

Congratulations to Michelle Gerdom for completing all four edges for Superior Edge!  Michelle is a clinical laboratory science major with a concentration in cytogenetics from Carmel, Indiana.  Michelle is most proud of helping to organize the It’s On Us week of action with the Health Promotion Society.  The week of action and the It’s On Us campaign aims to end sexual assault on college campuses across the nation through education.  The group is dedicated to making a difference, educating about consent, providing support to survivors, and much more.  She says, “We were lucky enough to receive the 2018-19 NMU Organization of the Year Award!”  After graduation, Michelle plans to get a job in a cytogenetics laboratory. 

Riley Jepkema

Congratulations to Riley Jepkema for completing all four edges for Superior Edge!  From Kalamazoo, Michigan, Riley is a biology major.  One of Riley’s favorite activities was doing research at the Forensic Outdoor Research Station (FROST).  She says, “I learned a lot about the world forensics, and it helped me decide on my future career goals.  I also enjoyed volunteering for Little Brother in Marquette and hosting at the Moosewood Nature Center.”  After graduation, Riley will be taking a year off to study for the MCAT, make some money, and prepare for medical school.  Then she will have 9 more years of studying until she becomes a board certified forensic pathologist.  She would love to come back and work in Marquette.

Marissa Lindstrom

Congratulations to Marissa Lindstrom for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  An environmental studies and sustainability major, Marissa is from Holland, Michigan.  Marissa is most proud of her time as a naturalist intern and environmental educator for a non-profit in Holland, Michigan.  She says, “It allowed me to gain applicable skills in my field of study and interact with people and the environment in a meaningful way.”  After graduation, Marissa will be joining the Peace Corps in Guatemala to serve as a rural development facilitator, primarily working to ensure food security in rural areas.

Nyan Nguyen

Congratulations to Nyan Nguyen for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Nyan was born in Vietnam but lives in Marquette and is an accounting major.  She is most proud of helping Room at the Inn with their accounting work.  She enjoyed it because she got to meet people who are doing good work, gain practical experience while helping the community, and become more confident when communicating with others.  After graduation, she will work for a local CPA firm and get involved in Marquette’s community by volunteering and joining a non-profit organization.

Allison Opheim

Congratulations to Allison Opheim for completing the Real World Edge!  From Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Allison is a public relations and pre-law major.  She is most proud of her work with in the University Marketing and Communications Office.  Allison says, “I feel like what I did as a student employee allowed me to let others know about NMU as well as other departments and individuals on campus.”  After graduation, Allison will be moving to Colorado to work in public affairs and communications.

Marley Redd

Congratulations to Marley Redd for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  An environmental studies and sustainability major, Marley is from Lake Orion, Michigan.  Marley is most proud of working with EcoReps.  She says, “I discovered a potential career field while working towards creating change on campus.  It was also inspiring to work alongside students and faculty who share similar passions for sustainability.”  After graduation, Marley hopes to work for a not-for-profit organization doing administrative duties or program coordinating.

Leah ring

Congratulations to Leah Ring for completing the Diversity, Leadership, and Real World Edges!  From East Lansing, Michigan, Leah is a double major in French and international studies.  She is most proud of her time with Camp Wicosuta being able to develop my children’s social skills and helping them become well rounded, strong women of the future.  Leah says, “I have made many long lasting relationships with them and consider them great friends.”  After graduation, Leah is hoping to have a job with the federal government or somewhere related doing work with different countries.

Madison Rudnick

Congratulations to Madison Rudnick for completing the Leadership and Real World Edges!  A community health education major, Madison is from Champlin, Minnesota.  She is most proud of being an intern for 1½ years at the Upper Peninsula Health Plan.  Madison says, “I am able to see the many types of positions my degree qualifies for and has lead me to a great knowledge of how community health is implemented in the real world.”  After graduation, Madison hopes to work in a government program.

Sarah Schollmeyer Congratulations to Sarah Schollmeyer for completing all four edges for Superior Edge!  From Hudsonville, Michigan, Sarah is double major in public relations and political science.  Sarah is most proud of her involvement with the Women’s March Post March Reception Waves of Feminism which she was the financial coordinator.  She says, “It was so exciting creating a splash of domestic diversity promoting different poets, artists, and singers in the name of feminism at the Ore Dock.  With over 300 people experiencing it, I think people walked away with a sense of solidarity, strain, and intersectionality.”  After graduation, Sarah will be moving to San Antonio, Texas, to be a support staff in schools with City Year.  After her service is up, she is applying to graduate school for either communications or higher education leadership.
Jenna Schroeder

Congratulations to Jenna Schroeder for completing the Diversity Edge!  A psychology major, Jenna is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Jenna is most proud of going to Romania with her church.  She says, “I was able to travel to such a beautiful country with beautiful people and help some children learn English.  We went there to teach the children about English, but I left having learned so much about Romanian people and their culture.”  After graduation, Jenna will be attending graduate school for clinical psychology.


Congratulations to Sierra Utych for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Sierra is an accounting major with an entrepreneurship minor from Newberry, Michigan.  She is most proud of working with Circle of Friends.  Sierra says, “I was able to make the biggest difference here.  The people with special needs got extra attention, and they were able to do things that they normally can’t do, and their caretakers got to take a five-day break.”  After graduation, Sierra will be moving to Cadillac to work with Baird, Cotter, & Bishop, CPA’s.

Renee Van Arsdale

Congratulations to Renee Van Arsdale for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Deerfield, Illinois, Renee is a secondary education English major who is most proud of learning about different cultures while she studied abroad in Galway, Ireland.  After graduation, Renee plans to teach high school near Olympia, Washington.

Bailey Wegener

Congratulations to Bailey Wegener for completing the Real World Edge!  A speech, language, and hearing sciences major, Bailey is from Freeland, Michigan.  She is most proud of the work that she did at Bay Cliff Health Camp.  Bailey says, “It was an amazing experience to spend the summer with the campers and help them work towards their goals, while also having fun.  It was also a great opportunity to work with other professionals to see what they do on a day-to-day basis.”  After graduation, Bailey will move back home and eventually apply to graduate school.

Claire Wisner Congratulations to Claire Wisner for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Marne, Michigan (near Grand Rapids), Claire is a business management major.  Claire is most proud of her amazing student abroad in Germany and her Student Leader Fellowship Program community service internship in the International Office.  After graduation, she will spend some time with her family, dogs, and hopefully, do some more traveling.