2018 Fall Graduates

Matison Beaudette

Matison Beaudette completed the Real World Edge! She is a nursing major from Crystal Lake, Illinois. Mattie is most proud of her ability to relate classroom information into the clinical setting as a real nurse. After graduation, she would like to be working in an Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit and would eventually like to go back to school to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Hanah Braden Hanah Braden completed the Diversity Edge! From Iron Mountain, Michigan, Hanah is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major. She is most proud of her undergraduate clinician experiences and says, “I am most proud of this experience because I was able to build a strong foundation of clinical skills that I will be able to carry with me to my graduate program and professional career.”  After graduation, Hanah will attend a graduate school for speech-language pathology.
Olivia Engelhardt

Congratulations to Olivia Engelhardt for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  She is an environmental studies and sustainability major from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Olivia says, “One of my favorite activities was working with the USDA and FEMA at National 4-H Conference in Chevy Chase, Maryland. As part of the conference, I led a group of 14 youth from across the nation to create a presentation on environmental preparedness. I used facilitation strategies such as world cafe and nominal groups to ensure decision making was effective and democratic. The group met 6 times over the course of the conference before presenting to FEMA. FEMA was highly impressed with their work and was able to gain inspiration on how to better engage youth in preparedness actions.” After graduation, Olivia will gain career experience until she attends graduate school in the fall of 2021.

Isaac Frisbie

Congratulations to Isaac Frisbie for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge! Hailing from Newago, Michigan, Isaac is a second education industrial technology major. He is most proud of his Student Leader Fellowship Program community service internship at the Great Lakes Recovery Center. Isaac says, “My partner and I provided students with teambuilding activities and team games as a part of their weekly physical activity routine. It was an opportunity for me to be a positive role model for youth struggling with addiction. The internship also gave me experience with at-risk youth that prepared me for the public education field.” After graduation, Isaac will look for a teaching position in industrial technology as he works to become a school administrator.

Brooke Immel

Brooke Immel completed the Citizenship and Real World Edges! From Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Brooke is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major who is most proud of volunteering at the Jacobetti Home for Veterans. She says, “This allowed me to gain a better understanding of the elderly. I learned how to better communicate with my friends I made through this experience, and they taught me so much about empathy and compassion.” After graduation, Brooke will be going to grad school for speech language pathology.

Sarah Klinger

Congratulations to Sarah Klinger for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge! A neuroscience major, Sarah is from Convoy, Ohio. Sarah is most proud of volunteering with a prenatal clinic in the Amazon Rain Forest. She says, “This was a very exciting opportunity for me because I was able to use my experience to help others and gain experience in diverse communities and medical issues.” After graduation, Sarah will be attending medical school.

Emily Langlois

Emily Langlois completed the Citizenship and Leadership Edges! From Wrightstown, Wisconsin, Emily is an elementary education major.

Megan O'Connor

Megan O'Connor completed the Citizenship Edge! Hailing from Midland, Michigan, Megan is a communications major. She is most proud of her work with the Food Pantry on campus.  Through the Food Pantry, Megan learned a lot about community-centered leadership. She was able to get members of the community to donate and volunteer. Most importantly, she says, “The shoppers love it and are very thankful for it.” As of March 1st, they were open 16 times, had 179 visits, and 82 different shoppers. She is unsure of what she will do after graduation.

Taylor Ring

Congratulations to Taylor Ring for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge! From Negaunee, Taylor is a nursing major who is most proud of working at Camp STAR, a bereavement camp for children who have had loved ones die. She says, “I have never, in my entire life, felt so many emotions for so many other people at one time. Every person had a story to share, and I couldn’t hold back my tears as they shared the most intimate moments of their lives with us. My empathy and concern for other drastically changed due to this experience and I am now very aware of the challenges people face behind closed doors.” After graduation, Taylor will be pursuing a nursing career in a critical care setting.

Holly Roth Congratulations to Holly Roth for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge! Holly is an environmental science major from Flushing, Michigan. She is most proud of volunteering in Peru for two weeks with one of her best friends. Holly says, “It was super rewarding to help out young women as well as push my own comfort zone in a new country with a bit of a language barrier.” After graduation, Holly will be moving back downstate to take of couple of post-bac classes at the University of Michigan-Flint this winter, hopefully, finding a big girl job, and then heading on to graduate school in the fall.
Kate Rozeveld

Congratulations to Kate Rozeveld for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge! From Mattawan, Michigan, Kate is a community health education major. Kate is most proud of working on the Project NOMAD Summer Migrant Education Program helping migrant students ages kindergarten to middle school improve their math skills. She says, “I worked with the most amazing and passionate group of people and am so grateful for the three summers I was “Miss Kate” or “The Math Lady.” After graduation, Kate will be moving back to Mattawan to be a stay-at-home dog mom looking for jobs in southern Michigan and getting married in May.

Hannah Rushton

Hannah Rushton has completed the Real World Edge! Hannah is from Port Huron, Michigan, and is a double major in political science and English. She is most proud of her work on political campaigns and projects. Hannah says, “I knocked on doors, made phone calls, and attended events. What made this experience so worthwhile was the opportunity to connect with community members and have meaningful conversations about issues facing our community. I gained a lot of “real life” experience through this work because I learned what it means to be a leader and to not only listen to others, but actually hear what they are saying. It felt good knowing I was helping make a difference in the community through the political process.” After graduation, Hannah is taking a gap year so she can travel and intern with a law office. She will be applying to law school for the 2020 fall semester.

Margaret Spens

Margaret Spens has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges! An environmental science major, Margaret is from Rogers City, Michigan. She is most proud of completing the Student Leader Fellowship Program. Margaret says, “I learned so much about myself and how you can make a difference in the world by taking part in your community. Even if you are leading something small, it makes a difference and can have an impact on others.” After graduation, Margaret hopes to get a job in her field where she make a difference in helping the environment while teaching others about the importance of natural resources, especially our water. She hopes to work with USGS, DNR, DEQ, or some kind of government program.


Madeline Taylor has completed the Citizenship and Leadership Edges! From Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mady is a forensic biochemistry major. Her favorite activity was working at Camp Teko.  Mady says, “I loved working with the kids and spreading the Jewish faith throughout the summer. I was allowed many opportunities to meet people from Israel and hear their stories of how life is different there compared to here.   was able to hear a Holocaust survivor speak about her experiences during World War II.” After graduation, Mady will be moving back to Minneapolis to get a job working in forensics.

Jamie Whiting

Congratulations to Jamie Whiting for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge! A double major in environmental studies and sustainability and French, Jamie is from Dearborn, Michigan. Jamie is most proud of her time at the MooseWood Nature Center where she helped plan their Haunted Bog Walk fundraiser as well as help create and run programs. She has sat on their board and created a position for NMU student to get involve with a non-profit. Jamie says, “I have expanded my horizons and learned a lot about myself, the wildlife of the area, and educating the public about the environment.” After graduation, she will work in the environmental field for a while and plans to apply to graduate school for her master’s in geography.