2017 Fall Graduates

Haley BiancoCongratulations to Haley Bianco for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A biology major with an emphasis in physiology, Haley is from New London, Wisconsin.  She is most proud of her global healthcare trip to Belize.  Haley says, “This trip gave me the opportunity to help set up clinics for people without access to medical care and to help educate them about health problems that are common in their country.  It was an amazing opportunity to work with a diverse population of people and learn about another culture.”  After graduation, Haley will be attending Central Michigan University’s physician assistant graduate program.  
Ryan BorgesCongratulations to Ryan Borges for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Bradenton, Florida, Ryan is a special education major.  He is most proud of starting Marquette’s first Special Olympics Powerlifting Team.  Ryan says, “This was one of my experiences that drove me to pursue special education as a career.  I will never forget the individuals and athletes that I was blessed to work with.”  After graduation, Ryan plans on teaching special education downstate and moving to an apartment with his girlfriend.  
Heather BrodeHeather Brode has completed the Diversity and Real World Edges.  She is a zoology major from Imlay City, Michigan.  Heather is most proud of her international service project in Ireland.  She says, “I have always wanted to travel to Ireland, and it was an experience I will never forget.  I loved the natural environment, the history, and the friendly people.  I someday hope to go back and explore more on my own.”  After graduation, Heather will continue to live in the beautiful UP while she does a job search  
Anna Buhl

Congratulations to Anna Buhl for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Oakdale, Minnesota, Anna is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major.  She is most proud of her Ireland Service Project.  Anna says, “This experience forced me to get out of my comfort zone by immersing myself in a new culture.  I enjoyed having the opportunity of volunteering in both the urban setting of Dublin and also a small, rural village.”  After graduation, Anna is hoping to be accepted into a graduate school to earn her Master’s in speech-language pathology.

Brooke Burlingame

Congratulations to Brooke Burlingame for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Davenport, Iowa, Brooke is a public relations major who is most proud of working as a marketing assistant for NMU.  Brooke says, “I have received so many opportunities through this office, like interning with the Today Show for Rokerthon, and have expanded my knowledge beyond the classroom to the real world.  I don’t think anything else has prepared me for beyond graduation like my time in this office.  They have given me a portfolio I can be proud of.”  After graduation, Brooke will be staying in Marquette while she starts freelancing.


Katrina ClausenCongratulations to Katrina Clausen for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A secondary education – integrated science and chemistry major, Katrina is from Menominee, Michigan.  She is most proud of her work with children at the YMCA (youth areas) and Lake Superior Village.  Katrina says, “I've learned how to build relationships with children and aid in their relationship building with each other.  Helping children develop skills and grow during the critical times in their life has helped me understand my personal leadership strengths.  These children model much of what they see….  Learning different ways to cater to the needs of children and to lead by example is extremely important.”  Katrina is currently applying for teaching positions. 


Kelsa DykehouseCongratulations to Kelsa Dykehouse for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  An art education major, Kelsa is from Cheboygan, Michigan.  While choosing a favorite experience is hard, Kelsa is most proud of her time spent abroad in Belize, as a part of a NMU service project.  While in a local school in Belize, Kelsa had the chance to work with students to improve their English as well as assist them in building sidewalks and planting trees around the grounds.  Kelsa says, “I became more aware of how lucky we are living in a developed country and how much potential we have to help those who are not as fortunate.”  She hopes to go back one day and make an even greater impact.  After graduation, Kelsa plans on obtaining a job as an art teacher.  She is also interested in coaching and refereeing soccer along with working towards opening her own ceramic studio. 


Lauren Freckelton has completed the Real World EdgeLauren is a biology major from Warren, Michigan.


Natalie LordCongratulations to Natalie Lord for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Neenah, Wisconsin, Natalie is a secondary education – mathematics and Spanish education major.  She is most proud of her work with the National Institute of the Blind in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  Natalie says, “I worked in their extremely reduced-price clinic for the public to receive eye exams and surgeries if needed.  I also assisted where I could in classes they put on for a set of visually-impaired/blind adults.”  After graduation, Natalie will be looking for a teaching position in Chicago, and within the next 5 years, she would like to move down to South America to teach in an American school.


Megan McCormickCongratulations to Megan McCormick for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  An elementary education major, Megan is from Waunakee, Wisconsin.  Megan is most proud of her student teaching where she says, “I took over the responsibility of teaching math, language arts, and social studies at the 7th grade level.  Balancing three subjects was not an easy task and working with middle school students definitely has its challenges, but I am walking out of this experience a better prepared educator with 101 students forever engraved on my heart.”  After graduation, Megan will be filling in as a long-term sub for 6th grade language arts.


Alexander NegroAlexander Negro has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges!  From Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, Alex is a clinical laboratory sciences major with a concentration in diagnostic genetics.  Alex says, “I am most proud of being a Resident Adviser in the best house on campus, Inferno House, and in the best hall on campus, Magers Hall!  The people that I met and were able to help with their first couple of years being a Wildcat are the best memories that I have of NMU and I will cherish them always!”  After graduation, Alex will be working as a PCR clinical laboratory technician looking at hereditary diseases in the Genomics lab at Mayo Clinic.


Samantha PaganoCongratulations to Samantha Pagano for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Algonquin, Illinois, Samantha is a biology major with a physiology emphasis.  She is most proud of working as a camp counselor to six boys with varying mental and/or physical disabilities at Bay Cliff Health Camp.  Samantha says, “As a counselor, I was responsible for their health and all around well-being while at camp.  This was the hardest summer I have ever worked in my entire life.  I am most proud of this activity because I persevered through many difficult situations, and I helped make a significant impact on my campers by giving them the best summer possible.”  After graduation, Samantha will attend graduate school for occupational therapy.


Taylor PearsonTaylor Pearson has completed the Real World Edge.  A sports science major, Taylor is from Marquette and enjoyed volunteering for Make A Difference Day.  She says, “It showed me how doing something as small as raking a yard can benefit a community.  Some members of our community are unable to rake their yards and the leaves pile up in the fall. Getting together on a Saturday with your club, team or organization is a great way to bond and help out those in need of an extra hand.  I am part of the Pre-PA club, and we always brought donuts and had fun raking leaves together.”  After graduation, Taylor will be applying for physician assistant school in April 2018 and go the following summer.


Michelle Ryczek has completed the Citizenship, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  A nursing major, Michelle is from Stephenson, Michigan.


Erika SchaefferErika Schaeffer has completed the Real World Edge.  From Gladstone, Michigan, Erika is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major.  The most impactful activity that Erika has logged was her experience as a student clinician during the NMU Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Summer Speech Program.  She says, “Through this amazing opportunity, I learned how to conduct individualized speech therapy sessions for a variety of children, and I discovered my passion for the field of speech-language pathology.”  After graduation, Erika plans to attend graduate school to obtain her Master’s in speech language pathology.


Molly SchallerCongratulations to Molly Schaller for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  She is a nursing major from Onalaska, Wisconsin, and is most proud of her Student Leader Fellowship Program community service internship with Norlite Nursing Center residents.  She says, “Working with Norlite residents and coordinating volunteers was always the highlight of my week.  My favorite memory at Norlite was carving pumpkins with the residents to celebrate Halloween.”  After graduation, Molly plans to obtain an RN job in the perioperative department, potentially in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Cecilia SmithCongratulations to Cecilia Smith for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Hailing from Crystal Lake, Illinois, Cecilia is a speech, language, and hearing science major.  Cecilia is most proud of volunteering at a camp for youth who stutter, Camp Shout Out, in Muskegon, Michigan this past summer.  She says, “The experience was incredibly valuable not just for my career but for me personally.  Getting to know the campers and learning their stories, as well as watching them find their confidence over the course of the week, was very rewarding and solidified what I want to do with my life.  And of course, the Student Leader Fellowship Program has been absolutely wonderful to participate in!”  After graduation, Cecilia will be applying to graduate schools for speech-language pathology.  

Molly SmithCongratulations to Molly Smith for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Gladwin, Michigan, Molly is an elementary special education major with a concentration on emotional impairment.  Molly is most proud of her work at Bothwell Middle School as the coach of an all-girls robotics team. She says, “The Blackrock Bots were eager to learn and enthusiastic about every step of the process.  At the end of the day, we did not make the most technically-advanced robot, but we did teach each other how to work together to problem solve, grow, and have fun.  It is wonderful to equip these young girls with the skills that they will need to succeed in STEM fields later in life.”  After graduation, Molly will be a high school special education teacher at North Star Academy.


Zadie WardCongratulations to Zadie Ward for finishing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Zadie is an environmental science major with a concentration in natural resources from Linden, Michigan.  She is most proud of her internship at Partridge Creek Farm in Ishpeming.  Zadie says, “My time was mainly focused on farm work and researching soil amendments through soil testing.  This experience gave me the opportunity to learn about sustainable food systems and to participate in community outreach at the Marquette Farmer's Market and the Transition Marquette County Plant Swap.  This was an activity that contributed to my completion of all four edges and gave me confidence that environmental science is where my passion lies.”  After graduation, Zadie will be applying for jobs or internships in the fields of conservation, restorations, and forest ecology and hopes to travel to Arizona and Montana.


Emily WrightCongratulations to Emily Wright or completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Ishpeming, Michigan, Emily is an elementary education major who is most proud of her work with the Elementary Education Math Club all four years.  She says, “I was part of a group that helped reach our local schools and community by providing educational resources and activities for children of all ages.  I have made many long lasting friendships and memories that I will carry with me in the future.”  After graduation, Emily will be teaching third grade at Birchview Elementary School in Ishpeming following her February wedding!  Congratulations!