2016 Fall Semester Graduates

Jessica AndersonJessica Anderson has completed the Real World Edge.  From Hurley, Wisconsin, Jessica is a clinical laboratory science – science technologist.  She is most proud of her clinical lab internship where she worked with a great health care team that helped a patient who was going into cardiac arrest.  Jessica says, “They had announced a ‘code blue” over the hospital speaker system while I was on my way to draw the patient’s blood in the ER.  When the doctors determined he was stable enough, I was able to get his blood sample and hurry back to the lab to get the analysis started.  The patient was transported from our small critical access hospital to a larger hospital, and he survived thanks to the quick response of the nurses, doctors, and every member of the patient’s health care team that night.”  After graduation, Jessica is going to medical school and continuing to further experience the clinical lab setting.
Natalie Berger

Natalie Berger has completed the Diversity, Leadership, and Real World Edges.  From Ferndale, Michigan, Natalie is a digital cinema major.  Natalie is most proud of volunteering with the Superior Arts Theatre.  She says, “I have directed over 100 youth between the ages of 3 and 18 to create exciting musicals on stage and instilling confidence, discipline, and appreciation for the arts.”  After graduation, Natalie hopes to pursue graduate school for film and eventually become a professor of film production.  

Lauren Brennan

Lauren Brennan has completed the Citizenship and Leadership Edges.  A zoology major from Traverse City, Lauren loved all four years of volunteering with Make A Difference Day.  She says, “Every year had new challenges:  sometimes it was a really big yard we had to tackle or a lot of yards to delegate, or the group I was working with was excluding me.  Despite all of the things, I always got something out of it.  It was so awesome seeing the people we were raking or cleaning for.  Many of these people were adorable elders who were so excited to see young people out helping their community.  Raking leaves is satisfying because you get to see the fruit of your work and see it happen in real time.”  After graduation, Lauren will be pursuing jobs that combine her love of science and animals with her love of camp and Christian ministry.

Devyn CopeDevyn Cope has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.   Devyn is a biology major with a physiology emphasis.  She is from White Lake, Michigan.  Devyn is most proud of co-founding and leading the student organization, Active Minds, which is dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental health.  She says, “I also benefited from the Real World Edge, when I completed my internship with NSF International.  I worked as a microbiology research intern in their Ann Arbor lab.”  After graduation, Devyn will continue to apply to medical school while pursuing a career as a primary care physician.
Emma Earl

Emma Earl has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  From Walled Lake, Michigan, Emma is a sociology major who is most proud of being a teaching assistant for the sociology department.  She says, “Over the course of my service, I have grown as an educator and a student.  I look forward to the advantage this position has given me as I leave Northern and start my future.”  Emma will be starting graduate school this coming fall.

Molly Egelkraut

Molly Egelkraut has completed the Leadership and Real World EdgesShe is a public relations major from Delton, Michigan.  Molly is most proud of her time spent in the Student Leader Fellowship Program.  She says, “It was something that I value because I never would have gotten that experience at another university.  My community service internship at the NMU Foundation Office made me feel accomplished and that I truly helped serve the mission of the program and my personal goals.”  

Morgan Ferens

Morgan Ferens has completed the Real World Edge.  From Beulah, Michigan, Morgan is a graphic communications major.  Morgan is most proud of being a part of Make A Difference Day for a few years.  She says, “I’m also very proud of my hard work while being a part of the Traverse City Film Festival.”  After graduation, Morgan will be focusing on getting acquainted with the art community in the Traverse City area.

Charles FustCongratulations to Charles Fust for finishing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A double major in accounting and economics, Charles is from St. Johns, Michigan.  Charles is most proud of being a leader of a Totus Tuus team.  He says, “We traveled around the UP doing week-long religious camps.”  After graduation, Charles will begin working as a staff auditor at Makela, Toutant, Hill and Nardi in Marquette and will be getting married to Emily Girdham in April.  
Teala HowellTeala Howell has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges!
Haley Jacobson

Congratulations to Haley Jacobson for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  A double major in accounting and community health education, Haley is from Bessemer, Michigan.  Haley is most proud of the activities she participated in under the Diversity Edge.  She says, “We live in such a diverse world, and it is important to embrace one another’s culture and differences through education and acceptance.  The group projects I participated in truly allowed me to dive deep into different areas of the world to do so.”  After graduation, Haley will be doing lots of traveling and will begin working at Grant Thornton in Appleton in the fall of 2017.

Taylor Keiser

Taylor Keiser has completed the Citizenship and Diversity Edge.  From Pellston, Michigan, Taylor is a zoology major who is in the pre-vet program.  Taylor is most proud of her work at UPAWS.  She says, “I was very fond of volunteering there because the staff was very kind, and we worked well together.  I also really enjoyed working with all of the animals.  Since UPAWS relies heavily on volunteers, I wanted to show them my support.  The staff was always very relieved to see my roommate and I come, especially on days when it was a blizzard.  We would walk the dogs while bundled in nearly 4 layers of clothing.  At this time, Taylor is unsure as to what she is going to do, but she has several options:  teaching English in South Korea with young students in rural areas, volunteering, shadowing and interning with different veterinarians (as well as other zoology related professions), and eventually enrolling in MSU’s veterinarian program.  

Rachel Klitzke

Congratulations to Rachel Klitzke for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Menominee, Michigan, Rachel is a community health education major.  As a result of her interest in mental health, Rachel started a student organization called Active Minds that helps inform students and the Marquette community about mental health well being while also fighting to end mental health stigmas.  She says, “I wouldn’t have been able to take on this level of leadership without the many different leadership skills that I gained by participating in Superior Edge.”  After graduation, Rachel plans to attend graduate school to get a master’s in public health administration with a concentration in epidemiology and us this to develop a career in women’s health.

Nicole LaHaie

Congratulations to Nicole LaHaie for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  From Mackinaw City, Michigan, Nicole is a nursing major.  She says her favorite activity was participating in Make A Difference Day.  “Getting up early to help rake leaves and clean the yards of people that are unable to do so themselves made me feel like I was accomplishing something while spending time with the people in Malibu House!  Watching the faces of the tenants after their yard was cleaned up was something I will never forget.”  After graduation, Nicole will be working on the neuro/ortho at UPHS-Marquette as a registered nurse. 

Paige LambPaige Lamb has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  Paige is from Niles, Michigan, and is an elementary special education major who is most proud of her experience as a practicum student at Marquette Senior High School.  She says, “I was able to gain experience in the field of special education and work full-time in a public school setting.  Logging these hours for Superior Edge was helpful in helping me reach the completion of the Real World Edge.  I cherish this experience!” After graduation, Paige will be teaching at Estrella Vista STEM Academy in Avondale, Arizona! 

Madison Macek

Congratulations to Madison Macek for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Maddi is an elementary special education major from Plymouth, Michigan.  Maddi is most proud of a trip she took to Malawi, Africa, where she had an opportunity to bring lesson plans and supplies to work with teachers from different school as well as participate in health and sanitation meetings the local community was having.  Maddi says, “It was an incredible experience to see how different people live their everyday lives and to see that we all have something to be thankful for.”  Maddi will be looking for a teaching position in the UP and continue to make a difference in education.

Rachel McCaffreyCongratulations to Rachel McCaffrey for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  She is a Native American Studies major from Newaygo, Michigan.  The activity that she is most proud of is the Center for Native American Studies Spring Trip in 2016.  She says, “During this trip we visited 12 different schools talking about the importance of Native American Studies as an academic field, and the importance of attending college.  I am proud because of the people’s dedication, willingness with learning to work with our strengths, and weakness as a combined unit and being able to deliver a strong message. People gave up there break to talk about their passion for Native American studies, and the trip in itself was more than inspiring.”  After graduation, Rachel will be pursuing a master’s degree in American Indian Education or indigenous studies.

Madeline Neubauer has completed the Leadership Edge.

George PattersonGeorge Patterson has completed the Real World Edge.  
Ann Pelton

Ann Pelton has completed the Diversity and Real World Edges.  

Paul Pohanka

Paul Pohanka has completed the Leadership and Real World Edges.  From Zeeland, Michigan, Paul is an elementary education/social studies major who is most proud of helping his former elementary teacher at his school during winter break.  He says, “I learned so much about teaching and how to interact with kids.  This experience made me realize that this is what I want to do.”  After graduation, Paul will be substitute teaching as he looks for a teaching position.

Tiffany Sprangler

Tiffany Spangler has completed the Real World Edge.  Tiffany is a biology/physiology emphasis major from Titusville, Florida.  She is most proud of traveling to Pontevedra, Spain, participating in a 5-week medical fellowship that allowed her to gain the experiences and knowledge necessary to further her education as a pre-health professional.  After graduation, Tiffany will be taking a gap year and then attending medical school.

Andre Stringer

Congratulations to Andre Stringer for completing all four edges for the entire Superior Edge!  A marketing major, Andre is from Detroit.  He is most proud of participating on BSU on Wheels.  This is a recruiting trip led by The Black Student Union as an effort to increase enrollment at NMU.  He says, “This activity was so much fun, and I received an opportunity to encourage students to attend a great university.  While advocating for NMU, I encouraged the students to attend college because higher education is so important.  As a student ambassador, I provided a positive image of leadership, hard work, and perseverance.”  After graduation, Andre plans to enroll in law school, and hopefully, move on to a career in business law.

Courtney Young

Courtney Young has completed the Citizenship and Leadership Edges.  From Carson City, Michigan, Courtney is an information technology major.  She is most proud of her work with UP 200 Sled Dog Race.  She says, “I was able to time the mushers and help bring in their dogs.  What made this event so special was being able to do vet checks.  During my first year doing vet checks, we identified an injured dog and were able to get that dog proper care.”  After graduation, Courtney hopes to find employment in Marquette, hopefully, at the hospital.