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Superior Edge

Superior Edge

Northern Michigan University's Superior Edge is a student development program encompassing a wide range of experiential activities complementing classroom instruction to provide students with a distinct advantage by preparing them for lifelong learning, graduate school, careers and life as engaged citizens.

The Edges

Superior Edge consists of four “edges”

  • Citizenship – Become an engaged, involved citizen
  • Diversity – Develop sensitivity and awareness of global and domestic diversity issues
  • Leadership – Become a competent, ethical and effective leader
  • Real World – Relate classroom theory to workplace practice in real-world settings

Watch this video to find out more about Superior Edge. To find out opportunities to get hours towards these edges, click here.

Why Participate?

Students who participate in Superior Edge make new friends, build community contacts and a great resume, formalize the recognition of activities they participate in, enhance the ability to relate theory to practice, and more.  Want to join?  Register for one of our orientation sessions.  Learn about other benefits to the program.

Logging Competition Update (8/22-9/28): House Div: Am. Graffiti, VA - 1,032.5 hours; Shady Grove, Hunt - 310 hours; Narnia - 187 hours; Apts./Spooner: Woodland, 2nd Floor - 1,063.6 hours & Lincoln Townhouses - 715.5 hours. A minimum of 3 students must log for each house/apt. and the max amount a student can log is 600 hours. Competition ends Sun., Nov. 6.Marquette native Angela Brown is a senior majoring in physiology. Her favorite AND most impactful activity was volunteering as a mentor with the non-profit One Heart Source. Through this experience, Angela taught basic reading & math skills to elementary-aged students in Westmoreland, Jamaica. This was one of the most humbling experiences Angela has been through. She highly recommends volunteering abroad as it brings about a level of selflessness that you may not otherwise attain.Mark your calendar for Superior Edge t-shirt days are Tues., Oct. 25 and Thurs., Nov. 3!Brennen Busse completed the entire Superior Edge in 2008. He has been working in the special ed setting since 2010 after getting an advanced degree. Brennen, his wife, and 3-year-old daughter live in Seattle. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking & fly fishing. His advice, “Make the most of your time as a student & work hard towards your goals. Extend your learning, thinking, & involvement beyond the walls of the classroom. Get out, make opportunities happen, & work hard. You will be rewarded in the end."Anna Buhl is a senior from Oakdale, Minn., majoring in speech, language, and hearing sciences. The most impactful activity she logged was the Ireland Service Project where stayed with a host family and volunteered in a local daycare. Following the trip, Anna traveled throughout Europe and made connections along the way that made her experience truly life changing. Anna is a member of the Student Leader Fellowship Program, and she enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors and painting.Senior Samantha Cretens is from Gladstone and is majoring in business management. The most impactful activity she logged was her study abroad in Bielefeld, Germany, where she was able to get out of her comfort zone and meet people from differing backgrounds, beliefs, and customs. Sam likes how Superior Edge creates opportunities for students that they may not have known existed before. When Sam is not busy traveling, she enjoys running. She also is involved with the SLFP, Special Olympics, & Mortar Board.
Log Your Hours

Log Your Hours

The only way you can get credit for your activities is to remember to log your hours as you go. Log your hours here.  If you want a refresher on how to log, watch this video.  We look forward to reading your logs.  If you want more information about how to write your reflection paper, please check out this short video.

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