Eric Bolduc“The SLFP helped build a solid leadership and community service base for my adult life that I continue to rely on.”
~Eric Bolduc, Red Block 1991-1993



Sherry Rosenkranz“I am so thankful for the opportunity I was given to participate in the SLFP. It has proved to be
invaluable during my career and I credit the skills I learned for much of my success. The SLFP taught
me how to take my passion and drive and harness it into actionable, measurable and successful results.”
~Sherry Rosenkranz, Blue Block 1992-1994


Krita (Jenson) Malley“The SLFP was one of the best experiences I had at NMU. All of the skills learned from Skill Builders!
Workshops, the interactive (and at times entertaining!) class, and all of the friends have made a lasting
impression on me. I still refer to my SLFP binder from time to time for inspiration.”
~Krista (Jenson) Malley, Green Block 1993-1995


Holger Wagner“The SLFP challenged me to think and step out of the box, embrace diversity as a strength, consider others
before me, give instead of take, view community as my center and not me as the center of the community.  I
draw energy from successes and lessons from failures, laugh, cry, and laugh again and always spread a smile
where and when possible. Now, 14 years later, I can see that the real impact can truly only be appreciated
years and years down the road.”
~Holger Wagner, Purple Block 1994-1996


Father Al Mott“The SLFP is a great program that allows young adults to flourish and build strong communities at the same
time. Thank you SLFP!”
~Father Al Mott, Aqua Block 1995-1997



Heidi Kavanaugh“While it is easy to talk about Northern in general, it is great to tell people interested in attending about the
SLFP and how it really helped me to be more open to change taking on challenges at work, and most
importantly, a much better listener.”
~Heidi (Van De Hey) Kavanaugh, Yellow Block 1996-1998



Jamie Rugg“There were so many great opportunities that were available to the Student Fellows. The speakers, the
leadership class, the members of the community who were willing to mentor us. I will never forget my mentor
and still keep in touch with her 10 years later!”
~Jamie Rugg, Burgundy Block 1997-1999


Eric "Willie" Wilson“I’m so glad the SLFP is still going because it’s such a great program. I always wear my sweatshirt with pride
and still have my SLFP quote card in my wallet.”
~Eric “Willie” Wilson, Navy Block 1998-2000



Dan Przybylski“The SLFP made me aware of what servant leadership is all about and it solidified my belief that I must be an
active participant in whatever future community I may join.”
~Dan Przybylski, Orange Block 1999-2001



Brian J. Thanasiu“I cannot think of a moment I did not enjoy being a part of the SLFP. It was a privilege that I was able to work
with the entire staff, each of who were deeply involved and invested in the program’s achievements. As the
program evolves, I am sure that other great people have made the SLFP grow stronger and more successful.
There is no question that the SLFP made me stronger, more confident, and more aware of how effective
any person can be in the community.”
~Brian J. Thanasiu, Lime Block 2000-2002


Cody Fleming“The SLFP was (and continues to be) a wonderful experience to the students who participate in the program. It
allowed me and others to meet new people, study leadership, and get in the community to volunteer. The great
thing to me about the SLFP was that I constantly felt like I was surrounded by good people. SLFP Rocks!”
~Cody Fleming, Sky Block 2001-2003


Kristine Petersen“It was such a great experience because we were surrounded by so much love and support. I especially
remember when I put on a Skill Builder! Workshop and all of my friends signed up to take it. We spent two
hours laughing, sharing and bonding.”
~Kristine Petersen, Jade Block 2002-2004


Lindsey Butorac“It has been a truly amazing experience to see the benefits of the SLFP from both perspectives - as a program
graduate and now as a mentor.”
~Lindsey Butorac, Mango Block 2003-2005



Brianne Rogers“As I was completing the SLFP in 2006, I knew I was learning, but I didn’t realize it was shaping me into who I
am today. Now, as a student affairs professional, I reflect back and realize the program’s impact. It helped me
grow and develop not just as a NMU student, but into an individual, leader, and lifelong volunteer.”
~Brianne Rogers, Crimson Block 2004-2006


Megan Lazier“I really enjoyed my time in the SLFP...met some great people and had an eye-opening Community Service Internship
(CSI) at the local women’s shelter. I really do miss all the good times I had through the SLFP and NMU!”
~Megan Lazier, Fuchsia Block 2005-2007



Amanda Wieser“The SLFP was always a lot of fun, but also benefits the participants in so many ways. It teaches you about
leadership and how to apply it, but it also gives you a chance to get into the community and touch the lives of
others. A lot of my greatest moments at NMU were in some way connected to the SLFP."
~Amanda Kaminski, Mint Block 2006-2008


Megan Meeuwsen“The SLFP helped me get out of my comfort zone, expand my knowledge of leadership roles and skills, and
network with some great people on campus and in the Marquette community.”
~Megan Meeuwsen, Cerulean Block 2007-2009


Jane Kreul“All of the experiences in the SLFP helped me grow as a person and become the person I am today. Now I
am more outgoing and more willing to try new things and take on leadership roles.”
~Jane Kreul, Kiwi Block 2008-2010


Hannah Kratz“Going to the new member reception as a seasoned SLFP’er, I realized how much I have grown over the past
two years. I was extremely encouraged to know that not only have I changed and matured because of the
SLFP, but every year an entire block of people mature and grow into responsible, motivated leaders.”
~Hannah Kratz, Teal Block 2009-2011


Laura Budinger“My SLFP mentor is an invaluable source of opportunities that allow me to put the leadership ethics and
techniques I have learned in the classroom to use in the real world. The SLFP has built my confidence and abilities
for the future, allowing the program to continue with me even when I graduate from it."
~Laura Budinger, Gold Block 2010-2012