Skill Builder! Workshops

Student Fellows orienteering themselves in the wild

Every semester the Center for Student Enrichment offers a dynamic series of 25-30 workshops on aspects of leadership development. Topics have included public speaking, working with youth, assertiveness, electronic networking, teambuilding, and communication. Other workshops have included kayaking, ropes courses, snowshoeing, and dining etiquette.  Student fellows in the Student Leader Fellowship Program are expected to attend a minimum of 15 workshops during the two years they are in the program.

Skill Builders! are open to the general public.  You can register online by clicking on the link below.  You can also e-mail, call the Student Leader Fellowship Program office at 906-227-1771 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., or stop by the Center for Student Enrichment, located in 1206 Don H. Bottum University Center. Space in each workshop is limited so register early!

What do the workshops with the asterisk (*) mean?

The workshops marked with an asterisk are a part of a special series geared toward student organizations.  Members are encouraged to attend as a group or individually.  These workshops can provide key tips and information on teamwork, motivation, programming, transition, leadership, ethics, and citizenship.

What do the workshops with the  , and    mean?

They represent the citizenship, diversity, and leadership edges of Superior Edge.  These workshops are identified as qualifying toward these aspects of Superior Edge.  Why not utilize them to gain additional insights into interesting topics and acquire hours while working toward your "edge?"  After attending a Superior Edge orientation, you can start logging hours, including some of the workshops in this series.


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