Top Block Incentive Program


The Top Block Incentive Program seeks to recognize Student Fellows who go “above and beyond” the requirements in the Student Leader Fellowship Program.  To receive the “Top Block” award, a Student Fellow must attain a total of 10 above-and-beyond-points (details below) throughout their two years in the program. 


This category of points encourages involvement in program coordination and implementation.  In addition to an opportunity to practice leadership skills, the attainment of points in this category should give a sense of program pride and ownership.  Possible points include: 

- Active participation on an SLFP committee

- Being the host at two or more Skill Builder! workshops

- Presenting a Skill Builder! workshop

- Attending an SLFP social event

- Attending a Skill Builder! workshop  with your mentor


This category of points encourages individual growth in ways that relate to, but extend beyond the required aspects of the SLFP.  Attainment of points should create opportunities to improve self-awareness, develop leadership confidence, and encourage a commitment to learning and self-enhancement.  Possible points include:

- Attending more than 15 Skill Builder! workshops (1 point for each one beyond 15)

- Attain a leadership position in a student organization

- Complete the Leadership Edge

- Complete the Real World Edge

- Complete the Diversity Edge

- Attending an educational campus speaker/event (not already counted as a Skill Builder! workshop)


This category of points encourages the active use of leadership skills out in our community.  Students who achieve points in this category will experience a sense of social responsibility and the increased happiness that comes from contributing positively to society.  Possible points include:

- Volunteering for a political campaign

- Sending a “letter to the editor” of a newspaper/periodical

- Attending a political rally or other event that benefits the community

- Volunteering with your mentor

- Volunteering above and beyond with your CSI (1 point for each 20 hours beyond 100)

- Being an active member of a service organization

- Complete the Citizenship Edge

*This new initiative is a work in progress.  We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions for improvement.  Please send them to