2013 Celebration and Technology Innovation Photos

Thursday, April 11, 2013 marked the annual symposium of student presentations highlighting research, creative works and academic service learning by NMU undergraduate and graduate students. Featured are the winning posters in undergraduate, graduate and group categories. First, second and third ribbons were awarded.

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Undergraduate Posters

Shaley Valentine

Undergraduate Poster winner: "Secrets Revealed: The Real Ingredients of Fish Food"
Shaley Valentine, sophomore, Chemistry
Faculty Adviser:  Suzanne Williams

Second place: "Discovery of a New Exotic Slug Species (A. fuscus) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Its Possible Role in the Decline of the Threatened Calypso Orchid (Calypso Bulbosa)"
Rachel Sines, fall 2012 Bachelor of Science graduate, Biology
Faculty Adviser:  Alan Rebertus

Third place:  “Academic Achievement in Montessori vs. Traditional Students: A Modified Meta-Analysis”
Cora Thiele, senior, Biology
Faculty Adviser:  John Lawrence

Graduate Posters

Kristin Denryter

Graduate Poster winner: "Potential Impact of Highways on Coyote Vocal Behaviors and Its Use in Population Estimates in Michigan's Upper Peninsula"
Kristin Denryter, graduate student, Biology
Faculty Adviser: Pat Brown

Second place: "Same-Sex vs Opposite-Sex Athletic Trainers: NCAA Athletes’ Comfort and Preference"
Megan McCullough, graduate student, Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Faculty Adviser:  Maggy Moore

Third place: "Genetic Investigation of Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Population Structure in Six Lake Superior Tributaries Located in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan"
Jonathan Pearce, graduate student, Biology
Faculty Adviser:  Katherine Teeter

Group Posters

Melissa Orzechowski Group Poster

Group Poster winner: "Characteristics of Trees Infected with Inonotus Obliquus"
Melissa Orzechowski, sophomore, and Alex Graeff, junior, Biology
Faculty Adviser:  Alan Rebertus

Second place: "From Bibles to Building Blocks: The Obstacles Pre-Service Teachers Face in Planning and Assessing the Teachings of World Religions"
Holly Mathys and Tanya Cook, graduate students, Education
Faculty Adviser:  Derek Anderson

Third Place:  "The Effects of the Neurotensin-1 Receptor Agonist PD149163 on Working Memory Performance in Brown Norway and Long Evans Rats"
Ashley Schmeling and Melissa Esser, seniors; Katelin Matazel, graduate student, Psychology
Faculty Adviser:  Adam Prus

Student Technology Innovation Awards

Ian Fox

Ian Fox – Engineering Technology
Project Title:  Diorama LED/MP3 Driver Printed Circuit Board
Faculty Advisers:  Jack Gumaer and Michael Rudisill

Scott Miljour

Scott Miljour – Nursing
Project Title: Creation of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for Nursing
Faculty Advisers:  Lisa Flood and Katie Menard