2015 Celebration and Technology Innovation Photos

Thursday, April 9, 2015 marked the 20th annual symposium of student presentations highlighting research, creative works and academic service learning by NMU undergraduate and graduate students. Featured below are the winning posters in undergraduate, graduate and group categories. First, second and third place ribbons were awarded in each category.

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Poster Ribbon Winners

First place winner pictured with:
Fritz Erickson, NMU President (right)
Jill Leonard, Advisor (left)

Undergraduate Posters

Nathaniel Crane

First Place
Nathaniel Crane, Senior, Biology department - Fisheries and Wildlife Management major
Faculty Advisor:  Jill Leonard
Title:  Effects of Rearing Habitat on Growth and Morphology of Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)

2nd place
Hannah Hawkins, Freshman, Biology/Physiology major (in Freshman Fellows Program)
Faculty Advisor:  Maggy Moore
Title: Study on the Effects of Head Impact on the Brain in College-Aged Divers

3rd place 
Chelsie Vipperman, Freshman, English/Secondary Education major
Faculty Advisor:  Christi Edge
Title: Transition from Student to Teacher: A Phenomenological Study

Graduate Posters

First place winner pictured with:
Fritz Erickson, NMU President (right)
Brian Cherry, Assistant Provost of Graduate Education and Research (left)

Joseph Wagner

Graduate Student 1st Place Poster Winner (pictured above)
Robert Torrence, Graduate Student, Pyschology
Faculty Advisor:  Joshua Carlson
Title:   Variability in Human Insula Gray Matter Volume Predicts Awareness for Peri-threshold Backward Masked Fearful Faces

2nd place
Anna Rice, biology department – biology major
Faculty Advisor:  Katherine Teeter
Title:  Disruptions of Epigenetic Modifications in Mouse Hybrids

3rd place
Andrew Mills, School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service - Learning Disabilities major
Faculty Advisor:  Abby Cameron-Standerford
Title:  Emergent Themes Surrounding the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics for Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics

Group Posters

First place winner pictured with:
Lesley Putnam, Advisor (right)
Fritz Erickson, NMU President (left)

Pershinske Stafford Group Poster

Group Poster 1st Place Poster Winners
Katelyn Pershinske, Sophomore, Neuroscience major
Kaitlyn VanderPloeg, Senior, Biochemistry major
Sara Stafford, 2014 Graduate in Biochemistry
Faculty Advisor:  Lesley Putman
Title: Analysis of Components in Little Bluestem Seed Exudate Responsible for Bisphenol-A Degradation

2nd  place
Grace Orstad, Junior, Biochemistry major
Leslie Schmeling, Senior, Biology/Physiology major
Faculty Advisor:  Suzanne Williams
Title:  A Survey of the Antioxidant Properties of Beta vulgaris (Red Beet)

3rd place
Cole Swiston, Senior, Biology major
Jeff Maniko, Senior, Biology major
Faculty Advisor:  Robert Belton
Title: Identification of Basigin in Glioblastoma Multiforme Stem-like Cells

Student Technology Innovation Awards

Winners pictured with:
Bruce Sarjeant, Secretary, Educational Technology  Resource and Policy Committee (right)
Fritz Erickson, NMU President (left)

Charles Morey

Breanne Kanak – Art and Design/Secondary Education
Project Title: Vicissitudes
Faculty Advisors:  Michael Donhoust, Brian Kakas and Gypsy Schindler

Sam Morey – Mathematics/Secondary Education 
Project Title: Parametric Equations in Geometer's Sketch Pad
Faculty Advisor: David Buhl