2016 Celebration and Technology Photos

Poster Award Winners

Undergraduate Posters

First Place - Tie
Manuel Arafat, Senior - Biology/Zoology major
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kurt Galbreath
Title: Craniometric Variation in Canis lupus from Alaska to the Great Lakes. 

Manuel Arafat

Rachel Marlatt, Senior - Biology major
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Brown
Title: Are Human Development and Corruption in a Country Correlated with the Effectiveness of Conservation Policies on Wild Cats? 

Rachel Marlatt

Second Place

Kelsey Huisman, Senior - Biology & Spanish double major
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joshua Neely
Title: An Ecological Review of Lepanthes Sw. Orchids and Why it is Important

Third Place

Nathan Martineau, Freshman - Biology major
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alec Lindsay
Title: Creating Scientific Value for a Collection of Eggs from Unidentified Species

Group Posters

First Place

Nicole Shoup, Senior - Biology major
Kaylagh Hollen, Graduate Student, Biology Department – MS in Biology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Josh Sharp
Title: Rapid Identification of Staphylococcus by Immunomagnetic Capture and Laser Light Scattering

Nicole Shoup

Second Place

Jaclyn Johnston, Senior - Biology/Ecology major
Rochelle Schuch, Sophmore - Biology major
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alan Rebertus
Title: Hidden Symbiosis: Rotifer Population Dynamics in Plant Container Habitats

Third Place

Rebecca Dangremond, Graduate Student – Biology
Amanda Taisto, Graduate Student – Biology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Erich Ottem
Title: Assessing the Role of Skeletal Muscle-Synthesized BDNF in the Maintenance of Gastrocnemius Fibers, Neuromuscular Juction Morphology, and Retrograde Transport Along Gastrocnemius-Associated Motorneuron Axons.  

Graduate Posters

First Place
Theresa Durley, Graduate – Doctor of Nursing Practice
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kristi Robinia and Dr. Maggy Moore
Title: An Overview of Necrotizing Fasciitis

Second Place

Lacey Crabb, Graduate – Doctor of Nursing Practice
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kristi Robinia and Dr. Maggy Moore
Title: Campylobacter: A Food Borne Illness Case Study

Third Place - Tie

Jake Aday, Graduate – Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Josh Carlson
Title: Neuroplasticity in an Extended Amygdala Network as the Mechanism Underlying Attention Bias Modification Training: A Voxel-Based Morphometry Pilot Study   

Amanda Wigand, Graduate – Biology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Belton
Title: Analysis of Tumor Specific Protein Expression in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBMs) Tumors-Through Immunohistochemistry

Technology Innovation Award for Students

Paige Lamb and Molly Smith
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kenneth C. Holder, Professor, School of Education, Leadership & Public Service
Project Title: First Tech Challenge Girls Robotics Team

Paige Lamb

Amy Peterson
Faculty Advisor: Keith C. Ellis, Associate Professor, School of Art & Design
Project Title: Augmented Reality Applications

Amy Peterson