Student Announcements

Student Announcements

May 2 2013
Organization: HPER
Contact: Lorraine Hillock (

2013 MI Big Breen Gym Program

NMU’s Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation would like to promote a program geared toward getting people more active in our community, especially recognizing the tremendous opportunities available in Michigan to be active outdoors. The City of Marquette has asked us to get the word out about a friendly competition for community grants which will be won by the community whose citizens log the most minutes of physical activity (whether they are active indoors or out!) between April 27 and June 22, 2013. It is easy, and FREE, to sign up and log in minutes of activity.
Let’s join in NMU!

The Challenge will officially begin on April 27, 2013, and ends June 22, 2013. At the end of the Challenge the team rankings are determined by the cumulative exercise totals, with awards from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in the following amounts:
1st place - $10,000
2nd place - $8,000
3rd place - $6,000
We welcome anyone of any age or ability to participate, as long as that person is willing to increase their physical activity.

How do I sign up?
-Click "Sign Up" and you’ll be asked to make some choice selections, described below:
-"Please select your plan" – select "Michigan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield".
-"Please select your group" – select "2013 MI Big Green Gym - Blues Community Challenge"
-"Please select your program" - no action required (it automatically fills in "2013 Blues Community Challenge")
-"Please select your team" – select the community team you want to join (Team Kalamazoo, Team Grand Traverse, or Team Marquette)
-Enter first and last name, email and password, age group, participation level, work zip code and click SUBMIT.
-You will then see a "Confirmation" page, confirm if all is correct or edit, and click "Confirm".

You’re now registered with a personal tracking page that allows you to record exercise for your team. Return to the login page every time you want to record activity.

What Kind of Physical Activity Counts for the Blues Community Challenge?
Any physical activity (exercise)* that is above and beyond the normal activity that you engage in for daily living will count for the Challenge. Examples include:
•Time spent playing in a basketball league or at practice
•Time spent deliberately taking the stairs instead of an elevator
•Extra time spent walking as a result of choosing to park far away from a store entrance
•Time spent taking a jog in your neighborhood in the evening when you otherwise would not.

*When logging exercise WalkingWorks uses a conversion ratio of 15 minutes per mile.

What if I Forgot My Password?
•Click the "Forgot Password" link and then enter your e-mail address.
•You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

What If I Need Assistance?
Contact your Community Team Coordinator
Marquette: Jon Swenson, Assistant Director of Community Services, City of Marquette Phone: 906-225-8593
Secondary Contact: Jane Palmer, Marquette Senior Center Coordinator,Phone: 906- 228-0456