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MARQUETTEUnited States Olympic Education Center weightlifter Collin Ito (Vista, Calif.) competed in the 2010 Senior World Championships Sept. 17-26 in Antalya, Turkey.

            Ito, a Northern Michigan University graduate student, placed 25th in the 105+ kilogram division. He lifted 146 kg in the snatch and 200 kg in the clean-and-jerk, for a total of 346 kg.

            The USOEC Athlete of the Year said external factors affected his performance.

            “This competition really differed from other international competitions because I did not adjust to the time change well; my sleep pattern was all off,” he said. “And the heat was draining. It was really humid and the venue had only little air-conditioning.”

            Ito made the most of the unfavorable conditions by gaining experience from competing with the best lifters in the world.

            “I learned to forget about everything going on outside of the competition. Don’t let the environment get to you,” said Ito.

            Ito’s next competition will be the American Open, held Dec. 10-12 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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October 6, 2010